Performing Arts Residencies in Asia

Performing Arts Residencies in Asia

In February 2012, a meeting on performing arts residencies was held in Yokohama and Kyoto in connection with TPAM in Yokohama. TPAM is an international platform for performing arts based in Tokyo.

Introduction to the meeting by TPAM:

"Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programs have developed in the fields of fine art, literature, music, and recently performing arts. While the concepts of “global” and “local” are becoming less and less opposed, it is expected that artists build bases for long-term work beyond regional and national borders, and their will to create has actually been making them move. In addition, the development of diverse art forms require them to overcome pre-existing linguistic borders and to create new languages that are responsive to the contemporary society, which results in the need of time and space for ideas and creation. Does AIR respond to this need? What are the meanings and tasks that are specific to AIR of performing arts? Inviting Japanese and international organizations that have been working on AIR and artists that have experienced/are going to experience AIR, we hold an international meeting for multilateral discussions, studies and networking."

In Yokohama, the meeting took place in different sessions: "The Current Situation of Performing Arts AIR in Japan", "Hearing from Artists—Why Artist-in-Residence Now?", 2 sessions on "AIR in Asia", 2 sessions on "AIR—New Forms of Sharing", a Keynote Address: "Creative Expression, Social Justice and AIR" by Todd Lester (Executive Director, Global Arts Corps).

In Kyoto, an interdisciplinary discussion of the theme, involving performing artists as well as producers, occured over 3 sessions: ”Facts about AIR”, “Draw a dream AIR” and “Is collaboration among AIRs possible?”.

An interesting report of the meetings is available on (Korean contemporary art platform): Planning the Next Stage of Artists' Residency, written by Soung Hyo RYU (Representative of Indie Space AGIT). Read more.

The Keynote Address: Creative Expression, Social Justice and AIR by Todd Lester is also available on TPAM website: read more.