Open Call for Visual Artists at FLACC

Open Call for Visual Artists at FLACC

Visual artists working in a variety of media and disciplines are invited to submit project proposals for a residency of maximum three months.

Who: Visual artists working in a variety of media and disciplines are invited to submit project proposals along the lines set out below.

Where: FLACC, Genk in Belgium

When: Three month period or around 90 days divided over several periods between February and December 2022

Deadline: 1 August 2021

FLACC will merge this year with CIAP into a new organization and will combine the strengths and functions of both partners: FLACC, with their long-standing expertise as a workplace, supporting artistic development, and CIAP, with 45 years’ experience in mediating and exhibiting contemporary visual arts.

Working in synergy with C-mine and other like-minded partners, this new organisation will offer artists space, time, and resources to experiment and develop new projects, but also share them with others. With a broad array of activities — workshops, exhibitions, talks, social gatherings, and many more — it will become a new meeting space for artists, art lovers, neighbours, and broader public. The innovative, creative environment of C-mine and Genk — the city in constant transformation — provides a fertile ground for this new development. In line with Genk's past as “station d’artistes”, a beloved refuge for artists, researchers, and thinkers, this unique context offers an opportunity to become an artist colony of the future.

The call is open for all visual artists. In line with the the diversity of the workshops provided, the application is open for projects in various media and disciplines. Projects with interest in artistic labour, challenging the notion of a 'workplace' or with a focus on experiment are preferable. Development, reflection and experiment are central in the organisation's (re)thinking while doing-method. For the organisation, it is also essential to minimize the (time) pressure and physical output, and therefore an exhibition is not part of the workplace project. A lecture or other one day event is possible. They are open to short experimental presentations or other forms of interaction.

The work period is at least three-month full time or minimal 90 days, divided in several smaller work periods between February 2022 and December 2022. FLACC offers an accommodation, a workplace, covered travel expenses as well as a small production budget.

Application procedure
Please use the application form in Acrobat Reader and Excel sheet (fill in required budget) to apply. The application should include a well-defined project proposal, a thoroughly calculated budget, a preferable time frame and your résumé (text and images and/or video).

More information
For more info please contact Luuk Nouwen or Stef Renard at [email protected] .

Every year, FLACC facilitates the realization of 10 to 12 artists' projects in Genk, in tune with the contemporary context of art making. The process-based projects are developed independently of any need for presentation, and are in most cases aimed at the realization of new work. Core concepts here are equality, cooperation, and space for experimentation.

FLACC introduces renowned and promising foreign artists into the Belgian artistic landscape; but young talent and experienced Belgian artists are also supported, even across borders. Crucial elements in the FLACC workplace projects are: theoretical research, input from experts, practical feasibility, and an output in relation with the studio labour, for example by contributing to the art discourse, a publication or a presentation.

FLACC provides practical, material and financial assistance through extended collaborations with artists. The selected artists can, in this way, count on an extensive level of long term support. They can fully concentrate on their projects, whose process-driven realisation, worked out in collaboration with FLACC, is often more important as the physical result itself. FLACC suggests that this realization is sometimes even secondary to the deployment of activities which can aid the artistic development of the artist, such as theoretical deepening, experimentation and networking. Projects that strengthen the development of the artist, engage in reflection, or manifest an experimental character are preferred over projects in which the realization of one or more works are central.

FLACC has metal and woodworking workshops, a digital studio (film and photography), studio for ceramics and an extensive workspace. The staff is knowledgeable about the production possibilities of nearby workplaces and collaborates with those workplaces and with schools and companies to give the artists the best possible support and assistance. An overview of all the facilities can be found here.

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