Rupert Residency Open Call for Residents (2023)

Two screens depicting a video shown in a smoky exhibition space.
Howard Melnyczuk's Eighteen Black Cats serie at Rupert in 2021. Photo by Linas Mazonas. Courtesy of Rupert
Linas Mazonas
Visual Arts

Rupert Residency Open Call for Residents (2023)

Rupert is an independent, publicly funded centre for art, residencies and education, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Deadline: June 15, 2023.

Rupert is currently accepting applications for its residency programme, inviting cultural practitioners and thinkers from both local and international backgrounds. This includes artists, writers, curators, researchers, managers, and academics who are interested in living and working in Vilnius for a duration of 1 to 3 months in 2024 (January–December). Participants will have the opportunity to develop individual or collaborative projects, engage in reflections and research, and immerse themselves in the vibrant contemporary art scene of the region.

Rupert is situated in the picturesque Valakampiai area of Vilnius, offering a serene environment by the Neris River, with a small beach and beautiful surrounding fields and forests. The residency studios are located in the 'Tech Arts' building, an architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned Lithuanian architect Audrius Ambrasas.

Each resident is provided with a spacious studio space, approximately 52 m2, which includes a mezzanine area for production, research, and living during the residency. The studio is fully furnished and equipped with WiFi. The building also houses other organizations and companies, along with a reading room, gallery space, conference room, and a communal kitchen that residents are welcome to use.

Throughout the residency, participants will receive curatorial assistance in their research process and benefit from at least two studio visits by art professionals, as well as connections to the local art scene. While it is not obligatory, residents are encouraged to engage with Rupert's public and alternative education programs, present their work in public events, and organize discussions. Some residents may also be invited to participate in the Open Studio podcast series or contribute to Rupert's Journal. Rupert aims to establish long-term relationships with residents, and when opportunities arise, they are often invited to participate in exhibitions and events as part of the centre's program.

Thanks to the generous support from the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the studios provided by the creative industries hub Tech Arts, all residencies are free for this application round. However, applicants are responsible for covering personal expenses related to daily living and travel. Rupert's team will issue acceptance letters to successful applicants and support their applications for external grants to assist with travel, food, production, and other associated costs.

Artist collectives of up to 3 people can apply for an individual residency, in which case they will be provided with one studio. Families are also welcome to apply, but it's important to note that the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet facilities are shared with other residents and initiatives in the building.

Applicants are invited to present a project they intend to work on during the residency. The proposed project does not have to be specifically created for Rupert; residents are encouraged to continue their creative practice or work on their chosen subject using their preferred medium. However, applicants are encouraged to indicate whether their proposal leans towards research-based work or a production-based project that may require specific materials.

Individual residencies can range from 1 to 3 months. Applicants are asked to propose their preferred duration of stay, which can be negotiated upon acceptance based on studio availability and schedule.

To apply, please complete the online application form and submit the necessary documents through Rupert's website. The deadline for applications is 15 JUNE 2023, 23:59, EEST.

Please note that there is a €15 application fee, which should be paid using Stripe's payment system as part of the application process. Payments can be made with credit or debit cards, as well as through Apple Pay or Google Pay. The application will be officially registered only after the payment is submitted. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties with the payment, please contact Rupert for assistance.

Successful applicants will be selected for online interviews with the residency admissions jury (Rupert’s team and an external member), which will take place in July 2023. The results of this open call will be announced by the end of August 2023.


Lithuanian Council for Culture
Tech Arts / Tech Zity
Vilnius Municipality
Nordic Culture Point

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