Open call HMK residency program 2024

Open call HMK residency program 2024

Deadline May 1

HMK invites artists and other kinds of practitioners to live and work for a period of 6 weeks at the Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK), an artist-in-residence, exhibition space, and cinema for contemporary visual art in the city centre of Hoorn; a historic town just 40km north of Amsterdam. The residency is open to the development and presentation of a project in any form, which resonates or responds to the specific context of HMK’s locality and the centuries-old chapel in which it is located. Every project entails a public presentation in the form of an exhibition or any other form of a public moment that can be explored during the residency. They are looking for artists and practitioners who pose questions and challenge assumptions, and who have the ability to translate the invisible structures and shifting moments of our time into a perceivable language.

HMK aims to provide a platform for artistic experimentation. The HMK residency is encouraged as an occasion to test and explore new directions in each resident's practice. Whether that be in relation to their preexisting work, or, more broadly, in relation to the world as we know it. We believe in the artist's role within society to question and subvert existing patterns, whether they be social, historical, behavioral, or in other ways, which are continuously reproduced but urgently need to be revisited or broken with, through new ways of reading the present moment we’re living in.

HMK provides:

  • a 6-week residency period, during which you work towards an exhibition/performance or other public event, according to your practice;

  • an exhibition space in a 16th century chapel of 152m2;

  • a cinema space in the basement fitted with 59 seats;

  • a modest guesthouse, with basic facilities (40m2) next to the chapel, for the duration of your residency;

  • space and possibility to work with a basic supply of material and tools at your disposal (professional and high end technical equipment are not present) ;

  • a part-time team, providing you with curatorial guidance, communication support, and incidental productional support by our small team of volunteers;  

  • an artist fee of 2,420 euro incl. vat;

  • a production fee of 1,500 euro incl. vat;

  • travel costs (within the Netherlands) up to 200 euro (artists from abroad are responsible for their own travel and possible visa costs);

  • help with identifying and advising on additional funding possibilities with a view to your project and aspirations.

* For application proposals that encapsulate a longer trajectory of workshops or research (up to 5 months) we offer the possibility of a long-term Fellowship residency. Please note, accommodation is not included within this Fellowship residency.

HMK encourages:

  • a project that you would like to work on, that entails a public moment in any form (it can be an exhibition, performance, lecture, publication or workshop(s) for example);

  • a project that you would like to elaborate, which contributes significantly to your own practice, research, and development;

  • artists that respond to the specific context of the 16th century chapel and related characteristics of the space;

  • artists that are interested in engaging with local communities or in creating new ones with projects and methods that respond to/engage with the direct context of Hoorn, and have the intention of facilitating a dialogue;

  • projects that are achievable and realistic in scale, taking into account the limitations of both time and labor of the artist and the team;  

  • artists who can convincingly demonstrate the practical methods they have in mind for their residency, preferably with sketches or images accompanying the project proposal;

  • additionally, HMK is also open for ideas containing a proposal for a site-specific permanent work. The intervention would become part of the permanent work collection.

How to apply:

  1. Send your project proposal of maximum a 1-page PDF

  2. Your portfolio of maximum 10-pages and a short bio or CV in the format of your preference

  3. Additional sketches accompanying the proposal are highly recommended

*Please submit the above three items as one merged PDF document, no bigger than 12 MB and send to [email protected] before the 1st of May, 5 pm CET.

With any further questions, you can send an email to [email protected] or join the live meeting on Thursday the 20th of April from 3 until 4 pm CET, where artistic director Inez Piso will give you a tour through the space and the guesthouse, and during which we can answer any questions regarding your applications and project proposals.

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