»Kultur einer Digitalstadt« Artist-in-Science-Residence 2023

Pop art installation in Darmstadt during the residency programme Kultur einer Digitalstadt 2022.
Courtesy of Kultur einer Digitalstadt
Kultur einer Digitalstadt

»Kultur einer Digitalstadt« Artist-in-Science-Residence 2023

A total of three 6-week fellowships will be conducted between May and October 2023. Deadline: February 23, 2023.

In the last five decades, artistic research has increasingly established itself as a relevant method. Complex topics and issues are reflected upon not only in terms of content but also aesthetically through artistic research practice. Through its public communication, the resulting work of art gains knowledge for society as a whole. Particularly in interdisciplinary collaborations, the artistic view of scientific processes and questions is very enriching, and not only because artistic positions often enable a »different« understanding of scientific work. The increasing digitalisation of science and research and the resulting comprehensive availability and communicability of many processes and data that were not available in such breadth in pre-digital times means another important boost for artistic-scientific research collaborations.

In 2023, »Kultur einer Digitalstadt« invites artists of all disciplines to apply. The studio residencies on the Rosenhöhe in Darmstadt are each linked to one of the renowned Darmstadt research institutes. Cooperation partners are the Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI), the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC).

»Kultur einer Digitalstadt e.V.« (KeD) is a platform for artistic research, interdisciplinary discussions and cultural networking in the Digitalstadt Darmstadt. The project addresses creative artists and those interested in culture from Darmstadt, the surrounding region and beyond. The physical centre of KeD is the Atelierhaus Ludwig- Engel-Weg 1 in the Neue Künstlerkolonie Darmstadt. Situated in a park, the ensemble is privileged by its architecture and by its spatial and thematic proximity to the Welterbe Kultur Mathildenhöhe - a major pioneer of modernism. Genius Loci for actors from Darmstadt as well as for national and international experts who approach the questions, potentials and challenges raised by digitalisation from the diverse perspectives of art and culture.

Within the framework of the „Artist-in-Science- Residence“ (AiSR), which will be held for the second time in 2023, three artist residencies will be announced, each in cooperation with one of Darmstadt‘s leading scientific institutes. An important concern of the AiSR is to enable synergies and make them visible through an encounter of the comprehensive scientific and technical potentials within the city with the equally comprehensive and relevant cultural and artistic tradition.

The aim of the programme is to establish a sustainable exchange between science and art. The artists have the opportunity to carry out their projects in close cooperation with the above-mentioned institutes. The scholarship serves artistic research and development.

An application is only possible via an online application form with upload function.
You can access the online application here. Applications can be submitted until 23 February 2023, 23:59 CET. Applications sent after this date will not be considered.


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