I-Portunus: EU Mobility Scheme for residency hosts, artists and cultural professionals

I-Portunus: EU Mobility Scheme for residency hosts, artists and cultural professionals

I-Portunus supports cultural mobility
The funding scheme I-Portunus continues to support the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals among countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme. Its second pilot project was selected and co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. It is implemented by a consortium consisting of the Goethe-Institut, Institut français, Izolyatsia and TransArtists. This pilot runs until the end of 2021.

Have a look at artist-in-residencies that have participated or are currently taking part in I-Portunus as host organisations: they are highlighted our database, click here for an overview to get inspired!

Current open call: I-Portunus Houses round 2
i-Portunus Houses is open to cultural organisations (for example artist-in-residency organisations) as well as established individual artists/cultural professionals to act as a Host. Team up with 2 to 5 artists and/or cultural professionals, legally residing in different Creative Europe countries + UK, with the intention to work together on one or more future collaboration projects. The scheme is open for all cultural sectors (except audio-visual disciplines that would fit the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme).

The main objective of your collaboration project has to be one of the following:

  • Create: (co-)creation of artistic work, production, performance
  • Connect: networking, internationalisation
  • Learn: increase competences, professional development
  • Explore: research, future collaborations/projects

This scheme puts focus on hosts underlining their value in providing efficient and ‘safe’ residencies & working environments for artists/cultural professionals. i-Portunus Houses provides financial support to the host for sub-granting the cost of mobility (transport, accommodation etc.) to their receiving artists/cultural professionals (team members). Hosts can apply for one collaboration project with up to 5 artists/cultural professionals or up to 5 collaboration projects engaging a minimum of 1 artist/cultural professional per collaboration project. Hosts have to receive a minimum of 2 artist/cultural professionals in total.

    To find team members, or to team up with a host, you can register for the online matching sessions called Market Square Events. Read more about eligibility and how to apply for I-Portunus Houses here.

    The deadline for this open call is 3 october 2021.

    More information about I-Portunus
    Read more about this funding scheme on the website.

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