Euro-Mediterranean Co-creation Residency Programme

Euro-Mediterranean Co-creation Residency Programme

Foundation Matera-Basilicata 2019 organises a residency in memory of Mr. David Sassoli, the former President of the European Parliament.

Foundation Matera-Basilicata 2019 wants to select four European and Mediterranean young creatives (individuals and collectives, aged under 40) for a three weeks residency in a small village of Basilicata region (Italy) during November 2022.

Applicants must be conversant in English; knowledge of Italian is not mandatory but is considered an advantage. Invited creatives will develop and deliver their proposal through a co-creation process with the local community and a local creative or cultural company that the Foundation will identify on the basis of the selected proposals and that will participate in the development of the proposal.

During the residency, creatives will be expected to have a clear plan to develop new work or relevant research. Meetings open to the hosting communities shall be organized over time, with the purpose to introduce the project and related actions, keep citizens updated, collect feedback and proposals and present the final results. The use of Italian language should be preferred for these situations.

The Foundation will facilitate events for the visiting creatives and local creatives and communities to meet and engage with one another, for at least half day per week. Public engagement could take the form of talks, workshops, demonstrations, skills sharing, visiting with community groups or other events.

Creatives are required to prepare a handbook/dossier in order to keep track of the process as a crucial part of the output itself, in order to make the experience repeatable everywhere by anyone, in the spirit of “open culture” which has informed/oriented Matera 2019 strategy and actions. A weekly report is required too, for communication and dissemination purposes.

The creative proposal must reflect the previously listed values and can belong to any field: theatre, music, literature, communication, design (any kind - service, relational, graphic, etc.), architecture, digital, photography, circus, multimedia, film, writing, craft, multi-artform, visual.

Outputs might be of any type, e.g., books, exhibition, archives, documentaries, architecture prototypes, urban games, social design processes, design of services, infographics, digital products, communication campaigns, billboards, etc.

Proposals must include a clear description of the methodologies/strategies to be used for leading co-creation processes with the community, especially young people, and include a phase of co-design, preparation, collective action and follow-up activities, with highlights and milestones.

The residency will run over 3 weeks, November 6 to 27. Selected creatives will have to spend their time in the identified village for the entire period. At the end of the residency, selected applicants should submit a final memory that will include: title, description of the project, objectives and a graphic dossier (10 A4 pages minimum) plus the complete handbook.

Fee: A 4.000 euros gross fee (+ € 1000 for groups of over 3 people) for stipend, living costs or related expenses will be provided. The Foundation will assist the creatives in finding appropriate accommodation.

Materials Budget: A 1,500 euros gross budget is available to cover materials or equipment needed for the duration of the residency. Receipts will be necessary.

Travel Expenses: A gross contribution to travel expenses of € 500 is available (€ 1000 in case of groups of over 3 people) and can be used for any related travel expenses to Italy or travel within Italy on arrival. Receipts will be necessary.


Young creatives (aged under 40) from Europe and the Mediterranean area can apply. They must have a European health card or equivalent. Candidates must send:

● a complete application form available on Matera 2019 website

● a Curriculum Vitae (.pdf - max 4 pages) with maximum two supporting references at your convenience, if any.

● a portfolio with complementary links (.pdf – 15 MB maximum)

● a list of achievements (photos, media articles, awards received, etc.), if any

● ID or passport (scanned copy) in PDF format before 2 September 2022 to the following e-mail address: [email protected] with the subject line 'Creative Communities'. Only applications with complete information will be accepted. Proposals will be analyzed by a Committee of experts and the final decision will be taken by September 30. Only selected candidates will be notified via e-mail and results will be published on the official website.

For more information, please check the original call and contact [email protected] by August 24th at latest.


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