Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse

Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse

With partners in other countries the TransArtists desk develops long-term international projects under the title 'Mutual artist-in-residence Impulse', shortly 'Mutual Impulse'.

The aim of all Mutual Impulse projects is to exchange knowledge and experiences of artist-in-residence potential with other world regions. Each Mutual Impulse project evolves from curiosity ánd necessity: artist-in-residence programmes are in situations of transition: either just starting, or developing, or finding new ways of operating. How to deal with these challenges? What can we learn from each other?

Time, collaboration, reciprocity, context

Take Time: we take time to get to know the artist-in-residence potential elsewhere, to learn from each other, to meet and share experiences, to think practically as well as conceptually, to reach forward to future strategies and tactics.

Share: we work together with partners. We share knowledge and experience in AiR matters, while recognizing differences in contexts and urgencies.

Both ways: we foster reciprocity. No one-way culture traffic, no promotion. We strive for mutual exchange of experience with artists, AiR providers, and related organizations in other world regions. How elsewhere people give form to the concept of artist-in-residence is learnful and fruitful for the Dutch AiR field, and the other way round.

Context: different situations produce different questions, to which different answers can be given. It is a matter of considerate adjustment of the expertise of the Dutch AiR sector to the specificities of other world regions, and vice versa.

Mutual Impuls Morocco

September 27 2016, Barcelona
February 28 2014, Marakkech


AiR Platform NL supports the development of networks of artist-in-residence initiatives in Morocco. The recent developments of AiR programs in Morocco feed into a longer history of artist-in-residence programs in the Maghreb. This was one of the reasons AiR Platform NL organized a round table meeting during the Marrakech Biennale 2014. The meeting offered a platform introducing the AiR organizations as key actors in the contemporary Moroccan art field to a wider international audience. Furthermore AiR Platform NL was invited to take part in the advisory meetings at the start of NACMM in 2016, a collaborative platform for mobility in the MENA region, which again was the start of Kibrit in 2017, a platform for artistic research and production in Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, Spain, Palestine.

Mutual Impulse Ruhr Gebiet

September 18 - 19, 2014 Waltrop, Germany
October 14 -15, 2010, Essen - Dortmund


Kunsthaus Essen, Künstlerhaus Dortmund and TransArtists organized in 2010 the symposium AiR Treffen: a meeting for and about AiR-organizations from the Netherlands and the Ruhr area to learn more from each others' visions and practice, and explore future collaborations. More than 60 people attended two intensive days of brainstorming on new developments in the AiR sector, and reflected upon them from a mutual Dutch-German perspective. In 2014 TransArtists was invited again to co-develop a follow-up symposium, AiR Treffen 2: Home is where..  A program for The Kunstvereine in the Ruhr area to map ideas and strategies for collaboration and artist-in-residence concepts, while reaching out to the international AiR field. The structure of Kunstvereinen in Germany as independent spaces for art presentation within artist collectives was also an interesting history to look into. Furthermore the symposium focused on the development of a collaborative Air network in this region.

See Kunstvereineruhr.de and follow the network at FB Home is Where... publication is the end result of the symposium with contributions from the speakers in both German and English. Contact the KunstVereineRuhr to receive a paper copy of the publication.

Mutual Impulse Russia

2010 - 2013, Netherlands - Russia


An invitation to TransArtists to join a network meeting in Russia, developed into an adventurous exploration of the AIR practice in Russia in exchange with AiR programs in the Netherlands throughout 2010 - 2013. Read here about the 4 programs of visits to Moscow, St Petersburg and several cities in Siberia and the Netherlands, the expert meetings, workshops, the facts and insights gathered.

Looking at Guest Studios in The Netherlands and Flanders

November, December 2007

What are the challenges for international artist-in-residence organizations in the Netherlands and Flanders? Which similarities and which differences in approach are there between Dutch and Flemish guest studios? What can be learned from these differences? These questions were central to an exchange project of TransArtists and Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Grond in collaboration with guest studios in the Netherlands and Flanders. The project consisted of 2 bustours and resulted in a symposium.

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