IK Foundation jubilee

IK Foundation jubilee

Sunday September 4, 2016 Oost-Souborg

IK Foundation celebrated its 5 year jubilee with the festive opening of an exhibition including the artists who resided in the IK pavilions over the last 5 years. Next to The Royal Commissioner in Zeeland Mr. Drs. J. J. M. Polman, Heidi Vogels, coordinator of AiR Platform NL was invited to give a presentation about at the opening. Furthermore, the invited curators Melchior Jaspers, Nick Terra and Menno Vuister presented a publication and research about the significance of artist-in-residence programs and of IK Foundation in particular.

IK Foundation is an artists-in-residence program created and realized by artist Jan van Munster. The pavilions are located at the IK island; a green oases including a 6 floor watertower, exhibition space, studio's and living area for the artists. The foundation operates independently. Throughout the year artists are invited to take part in the program. Since 2011 Foundation IK is included in the Tijdelijke Binneland Ateliers of the Mondriaan Fund.

Artists-in-residence 2009-2016:

2009 Peter Depelchin (BEL); Hans Demeulenaere (BEL); Maartje Korstanje (NLD)
2010 Joris Van de Moortel (BEL); Assaf Gruber (ISR); Nicolas Baeyens + Karolien Hamers (BEL); Piet Dieleman (NLD)
2011 Remco Torenbosch (NLD)
2012 Ko de Jonge (NLD); Klaus Schmitt (DEU); Anna-Maria Bogner (AUT); Thomas Bakker (NLD); Willem Besselink (NLD)
2013 Femke Gerestein (NLD); Aram Tanis (NLD); Alexandra Roozen (NLD)
2014 Jean-Marc Spaans (NLD); Tanya Long (USA)
2015 Bojan Fajfriç (SRB); Annelies Planteijdt (NLD); F. van Dixhoorn (NLD)
2016 Claudia Robles-Angel (COL); Julius Stahl (DEU)

The publication is available at IK Foundation. Please contact [email protected]

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