Enclave Land Art Artistic Residency 2021

Enclave Land Art Artistic Residency 2021

Open call to create an artistic Land Art itinerary in the Alicante area, Spain.

Enclave Land Art and the Vall de Gallinera council (Alicante, Spain) with the support of Cultura Resident from Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana and the Direcció General del Cultura i Patrimoni de la Generalitat Valenciana, are glad to announce the open call for the 3rd Edition of the Enclave Land Art Residency.

Submissions should focus on the dialogue between human beings and nature so as to create an artistic Land Art itinerary in the area. 7 projects from different artistic disciplines will be selected to be developed and produced in the natural environment during the two weeks of the Art Residency, sharing experiences, ideas and a common goal.

Deadline for applications: 10th of October 2021.

All projects must take into consideration people's interest in contemporary arts, aiming to give greater value to the area of Vall de Gallinera, promoting a deep and permanent conscience about the historical, cultural and traditional aspects of the territory through a dialogue between art and nature.

"Truly memory does not consist at all of a regression from the present to the past, but rather in a progress from the past to the present." Bergson H., Matter and Memory, 2006.

The power of intangibleness in art could be considered to be the core of creation and transformation: perception, habits, culture, language, time or memory can be channels used to define artistic research.

This symbiosis between tangible and immaterial is what, along with history, builds the identity of a territory. There are many important elements in Vall de Gallinera apart from its geologic structure and its natural heritage, like for example the vestiges from prehistory up to the civil war, passing through Iberian villages, funerary steles and medieval castles. This historical legacy, traces of human beings along the millennia, has been preserved in this enclave thanks to its natural idiosyncrasy. They are the physical result of a non-linear time that presents a dialogue of human beings with nature through its layers. These layers could be metaphorically a book (nature itself) where the territory's inhabitants have written their story and defined their identity.

Nature has since forever been a spiritual source of research and inspiration for human beings. It is not a coincidence that one can see trees in the forms of the columns in the churches, or caves in the arches, and many other examples. This union appears represented in different styles and functions, and in what remains when time and various factors alter them.

Due to this connection between absence/presence that is preserved nowadays, the inner identity has been reinforced with nature as witness. These are the elements that the selected artists will be invited to reinterpret through their projects.

Enclave Land Art aims to start a new chapter, leaving a contemporary trace to continue this dialogue with the environment through contemporary art. The relationship with what remains, together with what is not visible but nonetheless is present and forms part of Vall de Gallinera's people, represents who the locals are nowadays as a result of the path trodden.

Duration of the open call: From the 15th of August until the 10th of October 2021.
Deadline: 10 pm (mainland Spain’s time zone) on the 10th of October 2021.
Preselected Artists interviews: From the 15th until the 19th of October 2021.
Announcement of the Selected Artists: 20th of October 2021.

Residency period: From the 22nd of November until the 5th of December included. Projects will be presented to the public on the 4th and the 5th of December 2021.

Location of the itinerary
The route of Corrals de La Carrotja (between Benisivà and La Carrotja), Vall de Gallinera (Alicante). (Maps, images and more information on our website).

Installation, land art, photography, anthropology, research, sculpture, performance and any other artistic manifestation or line of work in which the artist-territory-nature dialogue can be found within the specific nature of the environment in which the work will be developed and of the proposed idea.

Open to artists of any age and nationality.

Artists will receive:

The organisers will cover the travel costsfrom/to the original countrywith up to €200 and can provide an acceptance letter to the artists to apply for other grants in their country to cover any extra expenses they might incur.
Individual grants of €600* V.A.T. included.

A shared workspace and up to €300 for materials according to the characteristics of the proposal, previously approved by the Enclave production Team.

Accommodation in a shared house with the possibility of a double shared room. Meals will be provided. Artists must inform the organisers about any special diet, allergies, intolerances, veganism, etc.

One assistant could be provided if required for the execution of a project. A request with an explanation must be made for the organisers who will consider case by case.

* In case of exceed the amount Enclave Land Art can support the artist to ask for a travel grant in the original country with an acceptance letter. In case the grant is not accepted the artist must cover the travel expenses from this amount.

** Artists must send an invoice to Enclave after completing the Residency to be paid/reimbursed.

How to apply
Submissions/proposals must contain 2 attached documents in PDF format, less than 5MB's size. Both attachments should not exceed 6 pages plus cover/front page.

The artist's name must appear ONLY in the attachment 2.

Attachment 1 must be ANONYMOUS.

Attachment 1: (anonymous):
Cover/motivation letter
Name and description of the project (goals, methodology, drawings and/or images, etc.), max 4 pages (A4).
Chronogram of the process and materials to be used.
Attachment 2:
CV/portfolio with full contact details (phone number, email and other links).

Proposals must be sent by email to: [email protected] SUBJECT: Open call of the Third Edition of Enclave Land Art residency 2021. Submissions/projects are accepted in Spanish or English.

For further information Enclave Land Art’s team suggests to upload the extended version of the open call: http://www.enclavelandart.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Enclaves-open-call-English-long-version-1.pdf
Or send an email to [email protected] The team will solve any query as soon as possible.

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