Call for Artists at Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence

Call for Artists at Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence

NAM – Not a Museum presents SUPERBLAST, a call to the arts for creative and experimental artistic production with an interdisciplinary approach that will be held at Manifattura Tabacchi. SUPERBLAST, from sùper, from Latin super-, «above», and from -blasto, from Greek βλαστός «seed», something large, which has yet to be born.

SUPERBLAST will dedicate Manifattura Tabacchi’s spaces to artistic experimentation and to addressing urgent issues such as: the relationship between nature and culture, humans and other species, the individual and the community. They seek artists who want to freely develop their research to create site-specific works while conducting an interdisciplinary and educational dialogue with critics, curators, and scientists; artists who will place Florence at the centre of a new environmental and cultural form of activism, promoting interaction between public spaces, both contemporary and historical, and the establishment of collective memory. September, the month dedicated to eco-sustainability, is the deadline: SUPERBLAST’s final exhibition and a rich programme of activities in collaboration with local businesses active in contemporary art and culture will coincide in September 2021.

The open call for the SUPERBLAST residency is free of charge and open to participants from all over the globe who are under 40 years of age. Participants may be individuals or groups with varying artistic practices: sculpture, painting, sound and new media art, performance, choreography and relational practice, workshop-based projects and projects that question the relationship between human beings and the environment. The selection will be matched with newly conceived projects. 6 winners will become residents and will freely develop projects that interact with Manifattura Tabacchi’s spaces. Each selected artist will be offered:

  • a workshop in Manifattura Tabacchi dedicated to the exploration of the space and its surroundings, the choice of the spaces, and the scheduling of the residencies;
  • € 5.000 towards production costs, and a studio in which to work;
  • € 500 to cover travel and living expenses;
  • a personal curator, chosen by the winner, who will accompany the artist during the residency to aide them in the writing of a critical text to develop a publication on their project;
  • the exhibition of the artist’s work as part of the final exhibition and a publication at the conclusion of the residency.

The residency duration is flexible: between 5 May and 5 August 2021, each artist will choose the exact length of their stay based on the project they intend to develop. The six winners will be announced on 21 April.

Each participant is requested to submit, by and no later than 21 March 2021, the following material in PDF format to [email protected]:

  • Project proposal containing content description and means of realisation
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Updated portfolio to 2021
  • The following documents, signed
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