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Articles & essays

Articles & essays

The TransArtists desk initiates, collects, follows, and distributes research into the artist-in-residence phenomenon. This page lists articles and essays focusing solely on artists' residencies.

Hospitality, Friendship, and an Emancipatory Politics
by Mitha Budhyarto for Seismopolite - Journal of Arts and Politics, 2016

A Snapshot of European Funding, Topics and Trends - [Trends] Residencies in the performing arts sector
by Marie Le Sourd for the aPro (Korea), 2015

De creatieve klasse als vreemdelingenlegioen
by Roel Griffioen for RektoVerso (Dutch), 2014

Escapists and Jet-Setters: Residencies and Sustainability
by Laura Kenins for CMagazine 2013

The Pedagogical Impulse: Aberrant Residencies and Classroom Ecologies
by Stephanie Springgay for CMagazine, 2013

Virtual Art Residencies: A manual
by Weronika Trojanska for InterArtive Special Art + Mobility, 2013

The Silent University
by Aaron Cezar & Laura Carderera, Delfina Foundation, for InterArtive Special Art + Mobility, 2013

Del centro a la periferia y viceversa: movilidad, residencias y producción artística en España
by Marta Gracia for InterArtive Special Art + Mobility, 2013

Reflections on Residency: Maskery in Portugal
by Tristian Jacobs for InterArtice Special Art + Mobility, 2013

Tendencies and Intentions: An overview of Russian artist-in-residence potential
by Georgi Nikich for TransArtists 2011

Rethinking the Contemporary Art School, The Artist, the PhD, and the Academy
by B. Buckley (red.), J. Conomos (red.), Halifax Nova Scotia Canada: The Press of the Nova Scotia College, 2009

The Artist as Res(iden)t
by Hito Steyerl & Boris Buden for B-Kronieken, 2007

Remarks on modernity, mobility, nomadism and the arts
by Michael Haerdter, 2005

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