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Paid by host:

accommodation is free for all guests (as well as their family members)

Paid by artist:

food and travel expenses

Application guidelines:

Send your applications to: [email protected]. Please include a short description of the project you intend to work on during your stay at the retreat, as well as a proposal of your involvement with or the activities in the local community, a brief biographical note with bibliographical information, preferred date of arrival and length of stay, the number of persons that will be staying with you, and detailed contact information.

Each application will be considered on individual basis and on its own merit. Particular preferences regarding the date of arrival and the length of stay will be taken into account and, if possible, respected. If not, alternative dates will be offered.

⚠️ As of March 2021, they do not accept any applications until a further notice.


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Zvona i Nari

Zvona i Nari

Literary Retreat

ZVONA i NARI (Bells & Pomegranates) Library & Literary Retreat offers a free place to stay, create, and engage in a dialogue with their colleagues, members of the literary community, as well as the local public to writers and poets, translators and critics, editors and publishers, literary scholars and all those who actively participate in the literary exchange. For this purpose the retreat provides four fully furnished houses, available for shorter or longer periods of stay during the entire year.

In order to be awarded a residency at the retreat, the main condition is that each guest spends his or her time here working on a creative literary project and that a part of his or her stay benefits in some way to the local community, whether it be through public readings or other similar public programs.

Guests are also invited to donate their time and skills in the daily activities of the library and the retreat, and to actively and independently discover Ližnjan and the surrounding communities.

The length of stay is determined on individual basis, relative to the creative projects each guest is working on and the proposed type and level of involvement with the local community.

Accommodation Information

Depending on the size, each house accommodates 2 to 4 persons. Each house is fully furnished. Considering that a part of each house also serves as a section of the library, they are to be accessible to the patrons of the library during the regular working hours (3 days a week, 2 hours per day). For the same reason, smoking is not allowed at the premises. Wireless Internet access, along with a computer and scanner, is available at the library. Additional information will be provided upon inquiry.

Accommodation at the retreat is free for all guests, as well as their partners, spouses, or children. However, food and travel expenses are the responsibility of the guests themselves.

Technical Information

The library itself offers free access to its collection to the guests of the retreat as well the local community. It has now close to ten thousand titles a third of which are in English, Italian, and German. Among those there is a collection of several hundred titles on the subject of literary theory, literary authorship, and literary collaboration that might be of interest to literary scholars specializing in these particular fields.


These houses, along with a small library with which they share a part of the space, are situated on a country estate in the village of Ližnjan, at the southernmost tip of the Istrian Peninsula, some 12 kilometers from Pula, at the Adriatic Coast of Croatia.

Contact information

Udruga ZVONA i NARI,
Ližnjan 840 B
52204 Ližnjan

zvonainari [at]