English, Hebrew, Arabic
5 to 12 weeks
Paid by host:
Studio space, working tools, access to WiFI internet, promotion, coordination and relations with local partners/community.
Paid by artist:

€20 per day plus travel and material costs.; for updates on residency grants please follow the residency Facebook page.

Application guidelines:

Please refer to the attached file (.pdf). Application form follows the application guidelines. Zone B7-P8 is an AiR program that hosts 1 to 4 artists/scientists at a time. The candidates will be selected according to the congruence of their proposed project with the program's areas of focus.


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Zone B7-P8

Zone B7-P8


Zone B7-P8 is an AiR program located in Mizpe Ramon, a local council at the midst of the Negev Desert, South of Israel. It was founded in 2013 by the international artist Nurit Agur, and young artist and entrepreneur Tal Rosen. Besides its function as an AiR program, Zone B7-P8 is an art compound that engages art students, visiting artists and general community in workshops and seminars.

Zone B7-P8 is intentionally located in the midst of the desert and its marked goals are:

  • To provide artists with the time, resources, facilities and working space to deepen their individual artistic research, as well as to engage in networking and collaborate with other artists;
  • To use the desert as a source of inspiration for art that advances sustainability and uses the available materials – sand, rock, wind, heat; explores the highly-relevant and interesting combination of art, technology and sciences; refers to the peripheral settings as an opportunity to re-examine ideas and develop new perspectives;
  • To bring contemporary art in the making to the geographical and social periphery.

The hosts put great emphasis on the artistic process itself – therefore they are not product-oriented, but rather encourage research, reflection and experimentation with no obligation or pressure to produce physical body of work. However, they expect the visiting artists and scientists to be open to collaboration with local parties and community, to document the work process and write a log or blog about their stay, and require them to allow open-studio visits and give at least one workshop on a topic of their choosing.

Studio Information

220 square meter shared studio space with a 100 square meter garden; light working tools; WiFi internet; other services: promotion; coordination and relations with local partners/community.

Accommodation Information
Mattress in a shared sleeping hall; separated space is optional; other solutions are available based on needs.
Mizpe Ramon Local Council, Negev Desert, Israel.
Contact information

Mizpe Ramon Local Council,
Negev Desert

apply [at]