Ukrainian, English, Russian
2 to 4 weeks
Paid by host:

Free accomodation

Paid by artist:

Travel, food, production costs, and other resident’s potential expenses.

Application guidelines:

Please send your CV, portfolio and motivation letter describing your interests and specify the priority list of three locations where you see your research and production. No application fee. No dedaline for self-paid residencies. For currently available scholarships, please check the program website.


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YermilovCentre Art Kuzemyn

YermilovCentre Art Kuzemyn

YermilovCentre, contemporary art centre

YermilovCentre is a centre of contemporary art in Kharkiv, opened in March 2012. It is named after a famous Kharkiv artist, representative of the Ukrainian avant-garde, Vasyl Yermilov. The largest exhibition space in Kharkiv, YermilovCentre represents contemporary Ukrainian art processes. Our priorities are artistic dialogue with the viewer and international cooperation. Activities of the YermilovCentre include curatorial projects, artistic residences, lectures and discussions, performances, seminars, cinema, and video shows.

Multidisciplinary art residency, where the cultural and artistic components are intertwined with seeking solutions to social issues and preservation of cultural and historical heritage. Artists work outside their usual environment, explore cultural and historical contexts, reflect, experiment with materials. We create a comfortable place for creativity and give artists the opportunity to interact with the local community. The residency should revitalize the countryside, promote decentralization and give the area a new cultural significance. The project includes such activities: excursions, art workshops for children and teenagers, an exhibition in the village house of culture or in the public space of the village.

Art Kuzemyn
Carrying out a residency in the village of Kuzemyn in the Sumy region means for the YermilovCentre:

  1. New experience in organizing a program of residencies outside Kharkiv.
  2. Intervention of art practices into a non-artistic social environment. Research of this intervention.
  3. Expanding the audience interested in contemporary art through interaction with the local community, children, organizers of cultural events in the local house of culture. And the opportunity to show the village community how contemporary art and cultural initiatives can change you and the world around you, how they can affect your thoughts and your village.
  4. Establishing permanent professional horizontal connections in the Ukrainian art environment, promoting their development through the organization of joint events and artist talks during the residency.
  5. Exploring a new format and deepening the skills of working with multidisciplinary projects.

Presentation or an artist talk by residents, workshop, education program, or publication

Studio Information

3 rooms adapted for studios with workplaces (desks, chairs) in a separate building.

Accommodation Information

Private house with three rooms, shared kitchen and dining space. Each room has a bed, desk, and a chair. Wi-Fi is available. Shared toilet and shower inside the building. Three residents at a time. Duos are welcome, partners and childrens are negotiable.

Technical Information

Library, projector, construction tools such as screwdriver, chainsaw, construction staplers, and glue guns.


Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city that boasts strong architecture and design schools as well as a vibrant culture scene. Founded in 1804, the Karazin University is one of the major universities in Ukraine with 25000 students from across the globe. Its alumni include Nobel Prize winners Élie Metchnikoff, Lev Landau, and Simon Kuznets.

The village of Kuzemyn is located on the territory of a unique natural park—the Hetman National Natural Park in the Sumy region. Near the village (2 km, you can bike or even walk) is the Bilsk settlement, 8th to 3rd century BC, a unique monument of the Scythian era, an archaeological site of cultural heritage of Ukraine. The monument is recognized by scientists as the largest fortified settlement in Europe of the Early Iron Age. On the other side, on the river Vorskla is a small village called Skelka, where the acclaimed Ukrainian writer Ivan Bahrianyi was born.

In Kuzemyn itself there is a large house of culture built in Soviet times which is now the only place of leisure and creative development for children and adults, the whole cultural life of the village revolving around it. For the artists participating in the residency, there are many topics to explore and rethink, to gain new experiences and inspiration. And for the local community it is an opportunity to look at the place where they live, work and raise children in a new way through the organization of art events and various activities.

Contact information

4 Svobody square

yermilovcentre [at]