5 months
Paid by host:

Residency in a studio at the Villa Sträuli
• Internet connection and access to a photocopier and printer
• Authorization procedures in Switzerland including fees
• Assistance in arranging for health and accident insurance (if necessary)
• Introduction and accompaniment; if desired, networking with local artists, cultural
institutions and helping with finding exhibition opportunities
• Performance opportunities as part of the Villa Sträuli’s "Meet the Artists" programme
• Exhibition opportunities in the Villa (no regular opening hours)
• Link to the artist’s website from the Villa Sträuli website. If the artist does not have his/her
own website, we will post a profile of the artist.

Paid by artist:

Providing their own working materials
• Providing their own personal computer
• Telephone and fax expenses incurred
• Registration procedures in Winterthur including fees
• Obtaining health insurance with sufficient coverage for Switzerland. Liability insurance
• “Meet the Artists”: All artists living and working in the Villa Sträuli are expected to introduce
themselves and their work in the context of an event. This may be a discussion, a
performance, or a concert. The Villa Sträuli will assume the costs for a small reception
(aperitif) and the printing of flyers if applicable (limited budget).

Application guidelines:

All enclosures listed on the application form (curriculum vitae, documentation of your work
as an artist / in the arts, references, reasons for applying, etc.)
Please don't apply by email. We need at least the documentation of your work on a
• Please don't send only reference contacts. We need reference letters.
If you have further questions please contact:
[email protected]

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Villa Sträuli

Villa Sträuli


Due in large part to its in-house concerts, which were well-known far and wide, the Villa Sträuli was already a lively residence during the lifetime of its founder Doris Sträuli-Keller. This tradition will be kept alive in the Villa's stylishly renovated facilities. Villa Sträuli offers space for thinking aloud and quiet contemplation under ideal working conditions. A place of hospitality and artistic exchange, the Villa aims to promote stimulating encounters between its artists in residence, the local cultural scene, and an interested general public.


Concert, festival or opportunity to participate in the Villa’s cooperative projects with various cultural institutions in Winterthur.

Studio Information

They offer 3 studios for artists and art professionals of all disciplines and backgrounds.

Accommodation Information

All three studios in the Villa Sträuli consist of a working space and a living/sleeping area. Soundproof workspace in the basement, 21 sq metres.


The City of Winterthur has 99'000 inhabitants and is located in the Greater Zurich Area. It is the sixth largest city in Switzerland and forms an independent economic, cultural and political centre.

Contact information

Museumstrasse 60
CH-8400 Winterthur

office [at]