From a fortnight to two months
Paid by host:

Translators may apply for a monthly grant of € 1000 (€ 115 of which of which will be deducted to pay for gas, electricity and household goods).

Paid by artist:

The accommodation is free of charges, except for a contribution of € 115 per month for gas, electricity and household goods, which is deducted from the travel and working grant.

Application guidelines:

The Translators’ House can accommodate five translators at a time for a period varying from a fortnight to two months. Applications may be sent in by translators who have a contract with a publisher to translate a work of Dutch-language literature, including poetry, children’s literature, or quality non-fiction. They may apply for a monthly grant of € 1000 (€ 115 of which of which will be deducted to pay for gas, electricity and household goods); the accommodation is free.
Translators from Dutch without a contract are also eligible for admission, provided that they are working on a well-defined literary project (e.g. the selection of an anthology, the writing of an introduction, annotation or commentary accompanying a translation, etc.). All visitors will be required to write a report on their stay.

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Vertalershuis Amsterdam

Vertalershuis Amsterdam


The Translators’ House in Amsterdam welcomes translators from Dutch into any language, who want to improve or maintain their language skills and their knowledge of Dutch culture. The Translators’ House is an ideal base for translators wishing to do research for a translation project, to consult their author(s) or to meet publishers.

Accommodation Information

There are five one-room apartments, each with their own bathroom. All apartments are equipped with internet computer, printer, radio and telephone.

Technical Information

On the ground floor is a library with an extensive collection of Dutch literature, dictionaries in most European languages, as well as many other reference works (some on cd-rom). On the first floor is a large communal kitchen (with television), a conservatory, and a spacious terrace. Among the facilities are a fax machine, photocopier, washing machine, tumble dryer, and three bicycles.

The Translators’ House is financed by the Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature and the European Commission. At the office of the Foundation in the centre of Amsterdam, visitors to the Translators’ House will find a comprehensive library of translations from Dutch and Dutch literary magazines, newspaper cuttings on Dutch authors and translations of their works, etc.


The Translators’ House is located in a beautiful residential area in the southern part of Amsterdam, within walking distance of the Amsterdam Concert Hall, the major museums (Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum) and the city centre.

Contact information

Van Breestraat 19
1071 ZE Amsterdam

vertalershuis [at]