English, Estonian,Russian, French, German
3 months
Paid by host:
  • Accommodation
  • Studio usage and a storage shelf
  • Access to our equipment
  • Technical support
  • Exhibition space
  • Promotion of their practice and outcome
  • Support in finding funding

They have special funding for Nordic and Baltic artists - details of which can be found on their website and they have extra support for Ukrainian artists or artists in financial or political insecurity they will exempt artists from the residency fee.

Paid by artist:

For the open-access residency, artists have to pay a residency fee of 350€ prior to arrival, cover their own transport and any specialist materials.

Application guidelines:

Please complete the application form (for Nordic or Baltic artists and for the regular residency) or email applications to [email protected], including:

  • A 300-word proposal for your residency plan
  • A current CV
  • A small portfolio or links to previous work / website

Make sure to make known if you are applying for extra support in the application process.


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TYPA Artist in Residence

TYPA Artist in Residence


Set in the city of Tartu, UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Literature 2019, and the upcoming European Capital of Culture 2024, the residency will provide artists with the time and space for new projects, work and research. This unique residency will offer the opportunity to work within the TYPA Paper and Print Centre, and within the cultural opportunities of the city of Tartu. The project seeks to promote an environment of reflection and community, and supports innovative graphic art practices. 2023 continues to be fully integrated into the facilities and operation of the print and paper art studio. They are looking for artists to bring fresh perspectives and ways of working with the equipment. They are looking for both experienced printmakers and artists with their own practices, whether that be new media, sculpture, audio-artists, painters etc. Artists need to apply with a project plan – something which responds to the location, whether this be TYPA, Tartu or Estonia.

They can offer a wide range of printmaking practices (etching, relief, screenprinting and more), dark-room photography, bookbinding and support for the artist to develop their own projects. Due to limited resources, they can only offer letterpress to artists already working in this field. They are particularly excited to receive applications for projects in experimental print, book arts, community collaborations and more. The residency includes a supported public outcome, whether this be a workshop, artist talk or exhibition. They are working with the local university, Pallas, local galleries, the aparaaditehas cultural space and international organisations to connect artists with the creative community of Tartu.

In 2023, thanks to the funding, they can offer two types of residencies:

  • Nordic-Baltic Residencies – of which they can host 4 per year, 3 months each. These residencies are open to only artists from Nordic and Baltic countries.
  • Open Access Residencies – of which they can host 4 throughout the year, 2-3 months each. TYPA also offers supported residencies for Ukrainian artists or artists in financial or political insecurity.

Artists are expected to work in a respectful manner, taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them, and keeping shared working areas clean. The artist will be expected to make one public outcome during their residency time; this can take the form of an artist talk, exhibition, open studio, workshop, etc. They also encourage integration into Tartu’s creative community - by hosting artists' dinners, tours and connecting artists to local events.

Studio Information

Artists will have full access to a large, shared studio space, with a large table space, exposure unit, etching press, relief press, sink, and use of shared equipment and inks. Artists are free to use the museum equipment, bearing in mind that the museum is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday and occasionally machinery is required in certain museum demonstrations or workshops.

Accommodation Information

Artists will be accommodated in private apartments located in the lively heart of Tartu, just a stone’s throw away from the main square, right next to the historical St. John’s Church. Most shops are within 5 minutes walking distance. The apartments are fully furnished with equipped kitchenette, bathroom with toilet and shower, living room with a sofa and desk and a bedroom. Wi-Fi is also available in the apartments and there is access to a washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Tartu Artist in Residence has 2 artist’s apartments available.


Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia, following Estonia's political and financial capital Tallinn. Tartu is often considered the intellectual centre of the country, especially since it is home to the nation's oldest and most renowned university, the University of Tartu. It is therefor also called 'The city of good thoughts'.

Contact information

Kastani 48f
50410 Tartu

typa [at]