English, Finnish
1-6 months
Paid by host:

They provide pickup and drop-off by car to the nearest bus station as well as weekly trips into town for supplies/groceries; laundry facilities, and assistance with project coordination, press outreach, and production support.

Paid by artist:

Artists are required to pay a fee of 300-500 euros/mo depending on the program, as well as their own travel and food costs.

Application guidelines:

Here you can find more info about the current open call and the application process.

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TUO TUO Kulttuuri Tila & Residency

Things that are valued, but are being progressively lost – from soil to silence, from biodiversity to a sense of purpose, from affinity to (un)connectedness – have all served as inspiration for TUO TUO’s Kulttuuri Tila [space for cultural cultivation] & Residency. TUO TUO aims to function as an incubator for expression and new ideas, a place where solitary breeds solidarity. They support radical thinking across disciplines by providing space, proximity to nature, and a platform to exchange ideas that are free and open to all. TUO TUO prioritizes projects and proposals in the fields of Ecological art and research, Ecopsychology, Permaculture, and interactive public works. They believe art functions as a mirror of the wider society; its reverberations are felt beyond the creative community.

The TUO TUO Residency program is self-directed. They’re not product-oriented, so residents are not required to fulfill or produce during their stay. They aim to provide the optimal conditions for each artist based on their process, needs, and freedom to nurture their creative minds and spirits. Artists will be selected based on the correlative balance between their desired conditions and TUO TUO's means and provisions. Artists with similar environmental and conditional requirements will be hosted together for synergy and ease. Conditional criteria covers preferential aspects such as digital technology use, silence and interaction, structure and critique, as well as more granular considerations.


TUO TUO’s Residency program is not built on the concept of fulfillment, demand, or production. Residents are not committed to realize projects during their stay.

Studio Information

The aim is to coordinate residents so that everyone has a private work space in addition to a private room.

  • EXHIBITION HALL: (62m2) Located in the main house, the exhibition hall is perfect for showcasing visual work, or rehearsing and presenting performance and movement-based projects; the space includes a room divider, track lighting, and four floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • INDOOR STUDIO: (52m2) Perfect for one or two artists, the indoor studio is ideal for those working in messier mediums. The space is equipped with work benches, a room divider, separate entrances, two fireplaces, an industrial sink, and five floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • OLOTILA: (38m2) The ground floor live/ work space is suitable for writers, researchers, performance artists, film/ video artists, land artists, etc. The kitchen-adjacent room is equipped with work and lounge lighting options; included is a double bed, desk space and chair, storage units, and a garden view.
  • KELLARI: (15m2) The hidden gem of the house; the three-corridor cellar is where teachers and students once stashed their ruisleipä and fresh milk for lunch. Perfect for artists or artisans working in fermentation, or whose work requires sizeable access to cold storage.
  • DETATCHED WOODSHOP: (32m2) Originally where the principal stored his cow, the outdoor workshop located in the old barn is available throughout the warmer months – an ideal space for sculpture, installation, or land artists.
Accommodation Information

The length and conditions of each residency period vary based on artists' needs, but each participant can rely on the following to be provided: high-speed internet, organic bedding, coffee and tea, transportation to and from the bus stop on arrival and departure, as well as weekly trips into town. Residents can attend all events for free: lectures, workshops, yoga classes, etc.

Artists can expect furnished private bedrooms in addition to their studio space or land area; assignments are tailored to the needs of each participant. The wood-burning sauna located outdoors is also available for use. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the forest grounds, gardens, and lakes for swimming. The Finnish ‘jokamiehenoikeus’ (freedom to roam) offers everyone the right and freedom to enjoy the surrounding nature for foraging, camping, and exploring. Hectares of untamed, lush forest is at your door step.

Technical Information

Materials provided vary based on the artists' needs and the current inventory, but may include recycled or reclaimed materials such as textiles, wood and building scraps, etc. TUO TUO aims to provide what it can to every artist through local outreach and donations.


Located in Joutsa, a rural town in the region of Keski-Suomi (Central Finland), TUO TUO’s historic schoolhouse – built in the late ‘20s – served as the Pynnölä village school until 2005. Joutsa is located in the Finnish lake district (Järvi-Suomi), about two and a half hours north of Helsinki.

Contact information

Pertunmaantie 912
19650 Joutsa

tuotuoarts [at]