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22 February to 30 November 2021
Paid by host:
  • Living and working expenses in Taiwan (including personal income-tax and insurance) - partly subsidized (NT$ 30,000 per month maximum). The total amount will be paid in installments. Artists will receive payment directly, excluding any tax.
  • Presentation expenses - The maximum allocation is NT$ 100,000 (including tax), which will be paid directly to the relevant contractors. The above expenses include: providing a service or materials used in completing workshops, exhibitions and performances, flyer design and printing, translation fee, dissemination, and expenses for a press conference. Any transportation fees for works are excluded.

If you have any enquiries about the subsidy, you should notify SCP/TAC during the application process or before signing the contract.

Paid by artist:

Airfare, travel and medical insurance.

Application guidelines:

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Tsung-Yeh Artist Village

Tsung-Yeh Artist Village

The Cultural Bureau of Tainan City Government

Since the Bureau was established, and the Tourism Bureau was set up under the Tainan City Government, the affairs in regard to tourism originally under the governance of the Tainan County Government Cultural Affairs Bureau have been put under the charge of the Tourism Bureau.

The Tsung-Yeh Artist Village in Tainan City is the result of the fusion of an old sugar refinery with multicultural ideas to form a unique space. With years of effort, Tsung-Yeh Artist Village has established itself as a center for arts, crafts and culture while producing valuable creative works in Tainan. Through providing the working
space and encouraging resident artists to communicate with the locals, we hope to promote this historical site not simply as a place for exhibitions, but rather an
important gathering site for international arts and artists.

Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center takes the concept of ‘Site-Specific Art’ as its theme for the AIR program in 2021. Artists shall create works before observing the following contexts: hydrology of Tseng-wen River (including river basin and water management system), physiography (archaeological studies, soil, meteorology, or topographical variations), ecology (aquatic, amphibian, and terrestrial fauna and flora in the area), humanities (indigenous, agricultural, river-related, or ecology-related culture).

  • During residency, the selected applicants should provide one type of presentation.
  • After the residency is complete, a short report of what the selected applicants have learned from the project; how the project progressed; what kind of feedback the artist received; and a questionnaire will be submitted.
Studio Information

In 1999, the former Tainan County Government designated four buildings, including Red Brick Office, Wooden Guest House, Red-brick Dining Hall, and Wooden Official Residence, as Municipal Historic Landmarks. They are now transformed and renovated to house various exhibitions of crafts.

Accommodation Information
  • Furnished four-bedroom / one-bathroom house within the living room space and nearby the Madou city center
  • Internet access, electricity and a fully-furnished kitchen
Technical Information

TsungYeh Arts and Cultural Center has become a popular venue for cultural events and a focal platform for artists to exchange ideas and exhibit their artworks since it was open to public in 2001. Performances and expositions are held regularly in the historic buildings. From 2010 to 2015, TsungYeh has launched AIR programs to invite in craft artists. Art-in-residency is essential to involve local community in as well as to vitalize traditional crafts. Visitors can learn the skills of crafts and discover the pleasure from hand-made experiences.

The Tsung-Yeh Artist Village provides accommodation, studio, basic equipment and exhibition space to satisfy artist needs. During the Artists in Residence Program, they encourage artists to build up the interaction with the local cultural environment, which including folk beliefs, traditional arts, history and industrial development. These resident artists should organize some cultural events and activities for interacting with local community frequently.


Located in Tainan county and can be reached by train to Longtian Station and transfer to BUS Orange 10, which directly takes you to the Tsung-Yeh Sugar Factory.

Contact information

No. 5, Tsungyeh ,
Madou Dist.,
Tainan City, TNN 721

tainantsungyeh [at]