Japanese / English
1 to 3 months
Paid by host:
  • International Creator Residency Program: airfare, living expenses (per diem), fee for creative work/project, living space (single room), and shared studio.
  • Research Residency Program: Living space(single room). Accommodationwill be provided fortheparticipating creator only. A twin-beddedroom will be provided tocreators applying as a duo. In principle, this program does not provide working studio for theparticipating creators.
Application guidelines:

Download "Outline" and "Application Package" here for International Creator program.
Download"Outline" and "Application Package" here for Research program.

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Tokyo Arts and Space

Tokyo Arts and Space


Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) is an arts center dedicated to the creation and promotion of contemporary artistic expression from Tokyo, and supports a wide spectrum of artistic activities including crossover and experimental projects. Established in 2001 as Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS), an initiative for the support and nurturing of young artists, it was renamed Tokyo Arts and Space in 2017. With its mission to provide ongoing support for emerging and mid-career artists, promote creative international cultural exchange and offer support for cutting-edge and experimental creative projects, TOKAS is implementing a variety of programs including presenting works by young creators, themed exhibitions, performances and open call contests, as well as operating artists-in-residence (AIR)programs for international and local creators in Japan working in a variety of fields.
The AIR program provides artists and creators from abroad and from Japan periods of residence at TOKAS Residency to engage in creation of works or research. They also conduct a program of two-way international exchange with affiliated overseas organizations, under which Japanese artists are send on overseas residencies and receive foreign artists in Japan by these organizations. Furthermore, exchange between artists is promoted through meetings, the Open Studio program, and events like talks by the creators themselves in order to introduce the fruits of the program to a larger public audience.


Presentation in the open studio, workshop or exhibition.

Studio Information

There are two shared studios (125㎡ and 48㎡) open from 9:30am to 10:00pm. Both studios are equipped with WiFi access and air conditioning.

Accommodation Information

Single room (25 ㎡)/ Twin room (48 ㎡). All the accommodation rooms are equipped with bath & toilet, basic furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen with cutlery, towels, linens, and internet using a LAN cable. Wifi internet connection. All day accessible. Common spaces available time 9:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m., such as Networking Room (with kitchen facilities, iMac, printer, TV)/ library/ laundry.


TOKAS Residency is located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo where the old town culture and local industries still remain. The area has various sightseeing spots including the Ryogoku Kokugikan(Sumo Hall), Sumida Hokusai Museum, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and Tokyo Skytree.

Contact information

1F, 2-14-7 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku
Tokyo, 13

contact_residency2020 [at]