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2 months
Paid by host:

an apartment, a working space and per diems

Application guidelines:

by invitation only

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Tobačna 001 Cultural Center

Tobačna 001 Cultural Center


Tobačna 001 is a new cultural center (part of Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana) that includes an art gallery, a museum collection, a studio and an apartment intended for artist-in-residence. Residency programme which operates from April 2011 and hosts international visual artists is independent and flexible: artists, by participating in lectures, presentations and workshops, merge with the local scene while also having time to focus on their own creative practice within a different cultural environment.

The artist-in-residence programme emphasizes the significance of a multi-layered cultural exchange and the artist's integration into the urban and social environment of Ljubljana. Artists have the opportunity to make new contacts at gatherings and social events such as exhibition openings, time to explore and work on their project, and the opportunity to show their project formulated during the residency period.

Studio Information

Curator and artist shared space for working

Accommodation Information

private apartment


Located near the main administrative unit of Ljubljana and within ten-minute walk from the city center the Tobačna 001 is the first historical building of Ljubljana’s old Tobacco Factory premises to be renewed. It was opened on 19 March 2011. It is the city’s new focal point for visual and cultural activities situated in a quarter that is increasingly becoming a prime ambient for contemporary multicultural attributes. The building was erected in 1885 and initially served as auxiliary premises for the Ljubljana Tobacco company. It was first intended as a bathroom for workers and was equipped with showers and bathtubs. In the 1970s, the premises were turned into a factory canteen and in the early 1990s they started to serve as the factory archives. After being renovated, the building was donated by Tobacco Ljubljana and the company IMOS-G, the investor and constructor of the planned residential, commercial, administrative and cultural city quarter, to the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana for its use.

Contact information

Tobačna ulica 1
SI-1000 Ljubljana

alenka.trebusak [at]
mestna.galerija [at]