1 month (August)
Application guidelines:

You can apply for the Spoffin LAB residency by sending a proposal (file format: Microsoft Word or PDF). The proposal should be written in English or Dutch and should not exceed the length of 4 pages, including pictures and/or drawings. Please attach a short bio of all the people who are involved in the project.
Spoffin has a special focus on artists from Central and Eastern Europe.

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Spoffin Residency

Spoffin Residency


Spoffin LAB is a residency project supporting young theatre artists who are in the process of finishing a new project created for public space (streets, squares, parks, etc.). The residency takes place in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, during the month of August and consists of:

  • free use of a residency space during up to two weeks at the end of August;
  • free use of a guesthouse during the residency;
  • at least two performances during the Spoffin festival (August 25-27), including the premiere;
  • 100% of the money ‘from the hat’;
  • help of a few volunteers during the performances, depending on your needs;
  • assistance from the festival in finding the right site or venue for the performances;
  • publicity support;
  • possibility to showcase a short excerpt of the performance (4-8 minutes) during Spoffin Amuses, the official opening event of the festival (August 25);
  • possibility for a short presentation for our professional guests during the Spoffin PRO meeting (August 27-28);
  • all lunches and dinners during the festival.
Studio Information

Free use of Laswerkplaats, a fully equipped theatre studio (length 21 m, width 14 m, height 5 m), surrounded by lots of outdoor space during the whole month of August (in close cooperation with Stichting Laswerk).

Accommodation Information

Free use of a guesthouse (living room, kitchen with fridge and washing machine, bathroom and 3 bedrooms with 2 single beds each) during the whole month of August (in close cooperation with Stichting Kunst in Amersfoort).

Technical Information

The artists have to work very indepently. Spoffin cannot offer full production facilities. You will have to cook, wash and clean during the residency and deliver both the studio and the guesthouse afterwards in the same (or better) condition as when you entered. If something gets damaged or lost, you will have to replace it.


The residency is located in Amersfoort, a city within the province of Urecht, the Netherlands.

Contact information

Festival Spoffin,
P.O. Box 31
3800 AA Amersfoort