Ukrainian, English, Polish
Average of 1 month (can be longer or shorter)
Paid by host:

Logistical and curatorial support, assistance in getting acquainted with the local art scene. If Option 1 is selected, accommodation and studio. In case of Option 2, the organization helps in finding accommodation. There are multiple opportunities for organizing an exhibition: in the hotel (spaces available: Red Bar Yama, Glass Gallery, 15th Floor); in an informal gallery Korydor, and more.

Paid by artist:

Travel, food allowance, accommodation (in case of Option 2), materials and all other potential costs are covered by the resident. There is no participation fee.

Application guidelines:

Please send your portfolio, CV, and bio (can be a link to your website) to the indicated e-mail address. It can applied at any time, but applications received before 31 December will be prioritized.


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Sorry No Rooms Available

Sorry No Rooms Available

Residence of Contemporary Art

The residency Sorry No Rooms Available is aimed at:

  • Decentralizing the development of the cultural economy and contemporary art in Ukraine.
  • Creating the possibility of cultural exchange and research in the new context.
  • Integrating the participants into the local art scene.
  • Integrating the residency as a cultural international platform into European and world art processes.

The residency has been based at the hotel Intourist-Zakarpattya in Uzhhorod since 2016. Sorry No Rooms Available favors artistic research and creates conditions for artists to connect with the cultural scene of Uzhhorod and the Zakarpattya (Transcarpathian) region. The resident is expected to carry out at least one site-specific project in Uzhhorod or in the region. The project may reflect on the hotel itself, its site, history, etc.


Exhibition or project, artist talk

Studio Information

Studio room of the hotel Intourist-Zakarpattia about 20 sq.m.

Accommodation Information

There are two main options available to residents:

  • Option 1: The resident gets to live in a hotel room in Intourist-Zakarpattya. It is a 20 sq m room with bathroom, balcony, electric kettle, multicooker, bed, sofa, two armchairs, chair, standard lamp, two desk lamps, TV set, and internet. The room is free for the resident, but they must donate a 60x80 cm painting to the hotel for each month of stay. The room can be used as both accommodation and a studio.
  • Option 2: The room in the hotel is only used as a studio. The resident can rent another room in Intourist-Zakarpattya with a 40% discount (prices can be found here Alternatively, the resident may rent an apartment in Uzhhorod for an approximate rate of 250 EUR per month.
Technical Information

A Zoom H4 recorder, TV + DVD, and a projector can be provided.


The Intourist-Zakarpattya hotel is a 14-storey brutalist building designed by Hungarain architect Gere Mihaly and built in 1979. It is an architectural landmark of cultural, historical and social significance that bears the mark of the socialist spirit combined with pro-western design and overall atmosphere. Uzhhorod is the center of the Zakarpattya region located at the border with Slovakia and near the border with Hungary. With the architectural and historical heritage of its Austrian-Hungarian, Czechoslovak and Soviet background as well as a vibrant local contemporary art scene, Uzhhorod is among the key culture centres in western Ukraine.

Contact information

Ploshcha Kyryla I Mefodiya, 5

sorrynoroomsavailable [at]