English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Portuguese
minimum 3 months
Paid by host:

SomoS provides access to their curatorial staff and communications personnel who will support the artist(s) throughout their stay as they work towards realizing a final project or exhibition. SomoS will also publicize the artist and their work during their stay with interviews, moderated artist talks, blog posts, and introductions to our network of journalists and curators. The majority of costs of these are undertaken by SomoS, including the vernissage or other public reception for the artist-in-residence.

Paid by artist:

Artists must arrange their own travel costs to Berlin.
Depending on size, costs for the residency / month ranges from 350€ to 950€, depending on space and requirements.

Application guidelines:

All applicants are requested to provide the following materials:

  • a description of the specific project proposal for the period of their residency, maximum 500 words.
  • proposed dates of the residency
  • a link to their website
  • an up-to-date CV
  • an artist statement
  • a portfolio in pdf format (no larger than 7mb)

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SomoS Art House

SomoS Art House

SomoS’ Artist-in-Residence Program

SomoS’ mission is to create an international open framework for innovative arts, exhibitions, education and creative cooperation. SomoS closely works with artists, organizers, and curators to realize their projects. Agility, urgency, flexibility, and high frequency are inherent features of SomoS' vision and practice.

SomoS’ Artist-in-Residence Program offers cultivated, supportive, and stimulating surroundings to international visiting artists wishing to realize an artistic project in Berlin. The minimum 3 month residency is focused on production, experience, critical discourse, networking, and local participation. The SomoS residency program is designed for artists working in disciplines such as drawing, collage, photography, media-art, performance, and film/video. Staying at SomoS, participants will become a part of a thriving artistic community with an active exhibition and event program and will easily and swiftly become well-acquainted with the creative, networked city that is Berlin.
During their time at SomoS, residents may undertake their own activities like workshops, talks etc., which can be hosted in the on-site exhibition space or workshop rooms. AIR participants have free access to all general workshops, artist-talks, screenings, exhibitions and other regular events taking place at SomoS art house. Residents will meet regularly with SomoS curators to discuss and review their progress towards completing their project.


At the end of the residency, SomoS organizes a presentation of residents' recent work in a suitable public format. These can include lectures, discussions, screenings, readings, or exhibitions. During this process, artists receive support on the various aspects of the presentation (including PR, artist's talks, interviews, exhibition texts, invitations, and public reception). This presentation will take place in SomoS exhibition hall and will be part of the official exhibition program.

Studio Information

Up to six live/work studios are available for artists-in-residence at SomoS Art House. Residents stay for three months each on a rolling monthly basis so that they can benefit from overlapping with other artists and to have the chance for more individual feedback.

Accommodation Information

Residents will be provided with accommodation in furnished studios suitable for various disciplines and purposes. These studios are furnished with a working table, chairs, workbench, bed, and a professional LED lighting system. Shared areas of SomoS such as the exhibition spaces, a shared kitchen, office facilities, and a big social living space and salon (suitable for screenings or meetings) with a collection of art books are available to use.

Technical Information
  • A high-quality projector, super-8 film projector, LED monitor, printer/scanner, desk/office space, high-resolution flatbed scanner suitable for film.
  • Large shared kitchen
  • 110 square meter exhibition space
Contact information

Kottbusser Damm 95
10967 Berlin

somos [at]