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From 4 to 12 weeks. (Residency runs from May to November)
Paid by host:
  • Including residents in local social programs, festivals, exhibitions, invitational dinners, sports activities, tours to local masters studios, museums and visits to the local markets of Jingdezhen.
  • Hosting of international print, ceramic, and calligraphy art exhibitions and masters workshops.
  • Resource assistance to artists wishing to create art in mediums other than ceramic such as bronze, painting, printing and sculpture.
  • Resource assistance to artists wishing to work and/or study with master ceramicists artists working in the many ceramic techniques used in the creation of traditional and contemporary ceramics.
  • Resource assistance to artists carrying out both large and small-scale projects requiring the technology expertise of the local artists as well as special factory studio space needs.
Paid by artist:

Residency Costs are set at 2400 Yuan, per week, (approximately. $392USD)

*A 2000RMB deposit required at acceptance to the program. (approximately $320USD) deposit is will be required to guarantee their place in the program.

Included in costs are

  • Double-occupancy accommodation (single 175RMB,(approximately $25USD,) extra per week
  • 3 meals per day
  • access to studio equipment and facilities including work tables, wheels, slab roller, shelving, compressor and other equipment
  • resident artists are invited to join local tours of the area as they are arranged

Not included in the costs

  • international round-trip airfare
  • train or plane transportation from Shanghai to Jingdezhen
  • extra overnight hotel in Shanghai
  • visa application fees
  • international travel-medical insurance
  • requested workshops (group payment for instructor)
  • gas Kiln or salt-wood kiln firings (prices reflect actual firing costs: gas kiln 330RMB,(approximately $50USD,) salt-wood kiln $200)
  • Porcelain and stoneware clays. Prices for purchase range from 8 to 100Yuan
  • personal clay tools.
Application guidelines:

Please download the application form from their website and send back to Sanbao Ceramic International Art Institute by post mail. Or e-mail ([email protected]) for any inquires.


Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute at Jingdezhen
PO Box 1000
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province
PR CHINA   333001

Scholarship Program

Sanbao offers a special set of scholarship opportunities to enable NCECA members and international artists and artisans to experience a residency at Sanbao, in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of the world. The scholarship award is $100USD per week of residency period. Application and detail information can be found here.


ongoing basis ( however those applications submitted prior to 31 December will b

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Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute at Jingdezhen

Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute at Jingdezhen

International Residency Programs

Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute at Jingdezhen, an international ceramic art center located in China, that would provide the opportunity to the international arts and crafts community to explore and exchange the culture, arts and crafts of China.

Emphasis of the residency program at Sanbao is working with hands, in a setting of simple daily life, with local craftsmen, and artists from all over the world in an atmosphere of creative and cultural exchange. Sanbao seeks to provide artists with time, space and materials to create a body of work in an inspiring and rich environment.


Residents will be assisted in organizing shows in Jingdezhen and at Sanbao Ceramic Art Museum. Residents are also encouraged to bring their slide presentations with them as there will be opportunity to give presentations about their work the other residents and for the benefit of the art students of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.

The residency program began, in 2007, to accept artists creating in other mediums, such as printmakers, photographers, cinema photographers, and writers.

Studio Information

Fully equipped ceramic studios with spacious working areas, situated in a picturesque setting. Studio equipment includes worktables, wheels, slab roller, extruder, shelving and compressors.

Accommodation Information

Both shared or single and Air conditioned rooms are available upon request.

Technical Information
  • 12 electric wheels
  • 3 electric Chinese style porcelain production wheels.
  • traditional Chinese stick-wheel
  • numerous tables, shelving and ample workspace, indoor and outdoor
  • extruder and slab-roller for hand-builders and sculptors
  • clay choice is plentiful, with several different varieties of porcelain, as well as local stonewares
  • Anagama Kiln (fired on special occasions)
  • 2 medium-sized gas kilns
  • wood-fired salt kiln
  • small raku kiln for raku and other low fire

Jingdezhen as the world-famed ceramic capital, has a long history of ceramics making and a rich cultural heritage. Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute is surrounded by nature landscape.

Contact information

Sanbao, PO box 1000

wenying2002 [at]