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Paid by artist:
  • For the shared accomodation the price is 1500 soles per month (depending on the exchange: 1500 soles is around 460 American Dollars)
  • For the individual accomodation the price is 2000 soles per month (depending on the exchange, 2000 soles is 615 American Dollars)
  • Travel and visa costs
  • Art supplies.
Application guidelines:

To apply please send:

  • a brief description/images of some of your recent work.
  • a letter outlining your specific interest in working at Sachaqa and how program participation will affect your practice
  • why does the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest appeal to you?
AIR tags:
nature, isolated, accommodation, national, international, shared, room, private, pets allowed, kitchen, guests allowed, children allowed, Artist-Run, own contribution by residents, artists, library, kiln, internet, basic tools and equipment, starter, mid-career, 1 to 3 months

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Sachaqa Centro De Arte

Sachaqa Centro De Arte


Sachaqa Centro De Arte welcomes artists to the district of San Roque de Cumbaza, Province of Lamas, located one hour from Tarapoto at a height of 700 m. They strive to be the first center for artists in the Peruvian Amazon that unites art, respecting styles and techniques under a common goal to promote environmental awareness. The centre’s activities have a strong base in traditional indigenous amazonian culture, while simultaneously embracing indigenous arts styles and techniques from all over the world as well as a contemporary standard.

Collaborating with artists in many fields from around the world, the center has initiated an artist residency program - as a Sachaqa resident you will be part of an evolving eco-art project/movement.

  • To provide affordable creative space and accommodation for artists of all mediums.
  • To periodically conduct cultural art events and exhibitions in partnership with various organizations and local institutions.
  • Learn and exchange creative ideas and techniques with local indigenous artists and artisans.
  • Foster and support artists to search for environmentally sound creative methods using materials found locally.
  • The opportunity to visits pristine relatively undisturbed nature spots, waterfalls, sulphur springs, viewpoints of national parks, protected areas and spend time getting to know indigenous villages through courses with local artisans
Studio Information

Studio is light, spacious and suitable for up to 5 artists.

Accommodation Information

Shared or private house.

Technical Information

Ceramics Facilities, Internet.

Contact information

San Roque De Cumbaza
San Roque De Cumbaza

sachaqacentrodearte [at]
trina_brammah [at]