English, Russian, Latvian
2 - 8 weeks
Paid by host:

Travel costs (roundtrip in economy class from/to Europe countries);
Per diems;
Artist fee of 1200 euro.

Paid by artist:

Rigging support, scenography, artwork production, exhibition set-up etc. should be covered from the artist's fee, which is 1200 euro.

Application guidelines:

Riga Circus Residency programme publishes Open calls twice a year.

Application documents for circus artists:
– A short written application, explaining who you are and what project you would like to develop in Riga Circus Residency – max 3600 characters;
– Visual material (footage, photos, design sketches, etc.) of the project or its idea;
– Information on the technical requirements;
– Portfolio of previous performances (optional)

Application documents for artists from other art fields:
– A short written application, explaining who you are and what project you would like to develop in Riga Circus Residency – max 3600 characters;
– Information on the technical requirements;
– Portfolio of previous performances.

There is no application fee.

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Riga Circus Residency Program

Riga Circus Residency Program


The Riga Circus is becoming a contemporary art centre – a place where different disciplines of art – circus, theatre, dance, music and cinema – come together. The mission of the organization is to promote contemporary circus development and performing arts diversity in Latvia and in the Baltic region.

The main priorities of the Riga Circus are:
• interdisciplinary culture programme with the main focus on the contemporary circus;
• circus education;
• international art residency programme.

Rigas cirks Residency program is created as a laboratory for new forms of artistic research and art practices within the interdisciplinary field of art. Rigas cirks is open to contemporary circus artists, dancers, visual artists, architects, designers etc. Our main mission is to promote contemporary artistic practices mainly focusing on circus development in Latvia and in the Baltic region. We are eager to foster exchange, discussion, experimentation, and collaborative work. The Residency simultaneously hosts artists or artist groups of two profiles: one from the circus field and one from another art field.

During the residency:
1) circus artists are expected to work on ideas for new performances or site-specific projects,
2) artists from other art fields are expected to work on ideas for site-specific projects related to Riga City and/or its community.

Rigas cirks Residency program offers artists the opportunity to work on new circus performance ideas or site-specific projects related to Rigas cirks and its historical building at 4, Merkela Street, Riga. Between 2021 and 2023, the residencies will take place in the temporary premises of Rigas cirks at 25, Zellu Street.


Artists-in-residence are required to show the residency results to the public in a form of informal presentation - this can be a work-in-progress, a video or slide presentation, a site-specific work or an exhibition. Also, we always do artists talks.

Studio Information

2 training rooms:
7,6 x 21,3 m; h= 5,1 m
7,6 x 21,3 m, h= 4,6 m

Accommodation Information

Riga Circus Residency is offering premises for 2 resident artists or artist groups (up to 4 persons) at the time:
- there are 3 living rooms in the dormitory or a shared apartment available with all the basic equipment, linen, towels included;
- basic kitchen facilities - hot/cold water, sink, dishes, refrigerator, electric stove;
- shared WC and showers;
- shared washing machine.

Artists-in-residence are provided with local guidance and introduction to Riga art scene.

Technical Information

- Access to circus equipment (landing mat, acrobatic tracks (2 cm), gym mats, and circus school equipment if needed to interact with the local community);
- Access to the office facilities - printer, scanner.


We are based in Riga, Latvia. While the Riga Circus building is on reconstruction (till the end of 2022), we are located on the left bank of the River Daugava, an old neighbourhood, mainly built in the late 19th to early 20th century.

Contact information

25 Zellu Street
Riga, LV-1002

rezidences [at]