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Short to long stay up to 9 months
Paid by artist:

There are several grants to cover the accomodation expenses at Residencia de Estudiantes and to support the project of the artists. Together with the Ayuntamiento de Madrid and the Ministry of Science and Education the residency launches open calls to fund an academic year or a temporary stay for artists and researchers.

Application guidelines:

These grants are usually thought off for Spanish and Latin American Artists, and in some cases for European Union Citizens.

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Residencia de Estudiantes

Residencia de Estudiantes

An emblematic campus for artists

With past residents including such well-known Spanish artists as Salvador Dalí, Luís Buñuel and Federico García-Lorca, Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid has a long history as a centre for art. Between 1910 and 1939 it was one of the main centres for scientific and educational modernisation in Spain and now, every year, nearly 3,000 researchers, artists and professionals from all over the world are welcomed there.

The main aim of Residencia de Estudiantes is to offer a place for debate, critical thinking and creation, through the promotion of exchange among residents from different disciplines living together, and also between residents and intellectuals from the arts and sciences who regularly visit the residence. Past visitors include Mario Vargas Llosa, Jacques Derrida, Blanca Varela, Massimo Cacciari, and others. It is a forum for lectures, concerts, panel discussions, poetry readings, meetings and exhibitions.

Accommodation Information

Some 3,000 guests stay at the Residencia each year, most of them for short periods of time. The professional high standing of those residents fosters a special atmosphere for interdisciplinary exchange. This campus-like environment encourages social and intellectual interaction among the residents. There is a total of 90 rooms: eighteen double rooms, two suites and 70 individual rooms.

In the building you will find also a cafeteria and a restaurant.

Technical Information

Originally constructed in 1913 by architect Antonio Flórez Urdapilleta (1877-1941), the residency has a total area of over 8,000m², comprising 90 rooms open to scholars, artists and fellows. The historic gardens, with the Oleander Grove planted by Juan Ramón Jiménez, the Paseo de las Acacias, and the Canalillo have since been restored, as have the central and twin pavilions. The facilities also feature a library and archive; an assembly hall; a dining room; a cafeteria; a living room; a reception area; and a garden.


Residencia de Estudiantes is located in the Northern part of the city of Madrid, close by and well connect to the city center in public transportation.

Contact information

Pinar 21
28006 Madrid M

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