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15 days onwards; for the AiR No.1 minimum stay is 1 month
Paid by host:


Paid by artist:

Artists are responsible for the residency costs, airfares and general living cost such as food, health insurance. Please contact Residencia Corazón for more information.

Application guidelines:

Application is year round and free. Please email them to receive the application form.

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Residencia Corazón Casa de Artistas

Residencia Corazón Casa de Artistas


The Residencia Corazón - Artist in Residency (A-I-R) Program was initiated in 2006. Its main objective engenders the creation of a personalized and independent exchange among regional, national and international artists. It allows for mutual enrichment through professional and emotive approaches for new experiences and aesthetic realities. The resident /visiting artists enjoy a dynamic and vibrant time frame for working; they have a studio and living space at their disposal to complete their projects. They also network with and within the local art community, cultural institutions and the public at large.

Residencia Corazón offers a complete international Artist in Residency Program. Each artist, curator or writer receives exclusive and highly-personalised support from the Residencia Corazón team.

The Residencia Corazón team provides support for all aspects of the residency from:

  • assistance in navigating La Plata and its surrounds
  • finding local resources
  • information about daily life as well as the local arts scene
  • assistance with research, production and post-production of work.

They offer 3 differents Programs:

Program 1: with a solo exhibition

Programs 2 & 3 Recommended for artist-curators-writers who wish to develop research-investigation projects or works in progress without the opportunity to exhibit.


Possibility of exhibition in La Plata - Buenos Aires, mounting, studio, art gallery, catalogue, diffusion of the artist's work, contact with colleagues, local institutions and general public & more.

Studio Information

Thanks to the configuration of the space, artists are able to combine their stay and production within the same residence and in great conditions. The house has 3 work spaces and because its large size, many artists choose to work in their room.

Accommodation Information

Residencia Corazón provides individual room as well as an artist studio and gallery.

Technical Information
  • Gallery Space/ Work and Exhibition Area
  • Some tools & studio materials
  • Computer + Wi Fi
Contact information

Calle 2 Nº 736
La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires

corazonresidencia [at]