Paid by host:

•   rehearsal space for each project,.
  •   usage of the rehearsal space of approximately 6 hrs. per day
  •   support if anything needed
  •   final performance at the end of the residency (not obligatory)
  •   (technical equipment of the performance space: beamer, simple music & light equipment)
  •   press release / flyers etc.


Paid by artist:

Travel costs & Accommodation

Application guidelines:

Redsapata offers residencies on request.


Open to:
  •   artist in the field of contemporary dance, no age limitation
  •   artist in the field of performance, no age limitation
  •   single artists or groups
To apply, please send a project proposal (1-3 pages) with a short CV and some pictures/press release/links or some kind of documentation of your recent work to [email protected]

Deadline: applications will be chosen by the managing committee in consideration of artistic idea and space availability.
Preferred residency periods: June-August.

Their residency program is currently on hold and please check their website regu

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RedSapata Tanzfabrik

RedSapata Tanzfabrik


RedSapata Cultural Initiative and Network for Contemporary Dance (Linz, Austria) is launching its new residency program. A maximum of two residencies at the same time are offered to artists from Europe and around. The residency includes rehearsal space and accomodation in a single apartment.
The projects can be from the field of contemporary dance or performance and may fuse into different art disciplines. There is no limitation to topics that you can be working on. Every title is legitimate. However you will be given some footage that you can start from working and you will be asked to leave some footage for the next artist to work on.



Studio Information

We have one big studio space 400qm (without pillars) with two dance floors (150 qm each), sound system and moveable mirrors.
This studio space is equipped with a modest light equipment and can be transformed into a performance space for showings.

Contact information

RedSapata Tanzfabrik c/o Tabakfabrik Ludlgasse 19
A-4020 Linz

office [at] redsapata.com