English, Spanish
At least 1 month
Paid by artist:

Residency fee and accommodation. The prices will vary depending on the studios you pick, and the length of the residency.

Application guidelines:

1. Research and choose the studios of the R.A.R.O network in Madrid where you want to develop your project.

2. E-mail to [email protected] enclosing a PDF file with the following information:

  • Curriculum Vitae (education, exhibitions, awards, previous residences, etc.)
  • Up to 10 images of your work / In case of videos send link with passwords (if required)

3. Complete the online form.

Once you send the application, both the R.A.R.O team and the ateliers you have chosen will analyze your project and evaluate its viability.


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R.A.R.O itinerant residency program

R.A.R.O is a new itinerant residency program that allows foreign artists and those from Spain, to develop their projects in the different studios that R.A.R.O.´s team offers. Each artist can work in a minimum of two studios for a period of at least 1 month and deepening in one or more techniques, according to the project that they are going to develop. During their stay, artists may exhibit their work, get in contact with local artists, curators, collectors among others. Finally, they would be given the chance of showing their final work either as an Open Studio or an exhibition. The time of each residency changes according to the schedule established by the artist and by the different studios in R.A.R.O.´s databased. Stays are at least 30 days and have no limited time.

R.A.R.O is intended for emerging and established, national and international artists from all disciplines who are interested in developing itinerant residencies and who want to share ateliers with other artists to produce art.

R.A.R.O. arises from the interest in creating opportunities for dissemination, exchange and creation so that artists can find a commonplace for their production and artistic development. This type of itinerant residencies manages to generate an original and unique artistic space and creates opportunities for artists to carry out their projects.

Open Call 2022: R.A.R.O. Madrid open call for national and international artists who want to take up residence in any of our studios between winter and summer 2022. Residences are at least 4 weeks to be held in at least two (2) studios.


During their residency, artists may show their work, get in contact with local artists, curators and collectors among other art related enthusiasts. At the end of the residency, artists will have the opportunity to show their final work either as an Open studio or exhibition.

Studio Information

Artists can choose from any of the studios where they think is more convinient to develop their project:

Accommodation Information

They offer multiple kinds of accommodation option to the residents. From hostels or shared rooms, to private apartments or private rooms in local artists houses. It all depends on the resident budget and needs.

Technical Information

With 9 studios to choose from, R.A.R.O residencies cover a wide range of techniques with all kind of equipments and full assistance all the time.

Contact information

C/ Virgen del Sagrario 19
28027 Madrid

raromadrid [at]