English, Bulgarian
1 - 4 weeks
Paid by host:

One-time stipend of 800 EUR
Up to 400 EUR for production/presentation (to be spent locally)
Up to 200 EUR for travel costs

Selected artists can be provided with invitation letters for additional external funding applications in case the project needs it.

Application guidelines:

In order to apply, fill in this online form that includes:

1. a short narrative bio;
2. a presentation of up to three previous projects you’re particularly proud of – with links and short statements;
3. a presentation of your idea for workshop/lecture/performance/installation (etc.) in Sofia that you can make happen within the given budget;
4. a short video message of up to 3 minutes for the team in Sofia, informally addressing the following five questions:
Who are you?
What interests you about Sofia?
Who do you want to meet?
What do you imagine/dream of doing?
How do you think we can help?
5. information about how you heard about us and the open call.


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Radar Sofia

Radar Sofia


Radar is a new independent art hub dedicated to supporting creators that make a difference. Located in the heart of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, they offer a free live/work space, networking and presentation opportunities in a vibrant and inexpensive city, distinctly exotic for those who come from Western Europe, and warmly European for those who originate in the East. The residency period may vary between one and four weeks.

The organizers want to lend a helping hand to creators who walk an artistic path off the beaten track. New methods and forms that make the audience truly engage in an important contemporary topic are what they seek to promote. They tend to prefer artists who take note of the world around them, see what is going on, and are able to artistically relate to the troubles and dangers for our societies and for our planet. Artists who have proven record of some resistance to the system in which we live
will be most welcome. "Radical" is not a taboo word for Radar.

They seek also to support projects of artists at risk, creators who have been persecuted or censored due to the nature of their work or because of their race, sex, gender, ethnic origin, religion or political views, or just because. Your work will get presented to the local audiences and you will be introduced to artists from your field as the residency is partner with some of the important cultural agents in the city.

The organizers understand that nature of art is not only in constant creation, but also in reflection, rest and the ability to recuperate and the time to hear you inner voice (again). That is why they accept applications also from artists who don't have a specific project in mind at the time of application, but boast rich and inspiring artistic biographies. They would be glad if Sofia helps you finetune your radar for your next great project. The space is designed mainly for writers, special preference is given to dramaturgy and performing arts. Filmmakers, visual and interdisciplinary artists who don't need a huge studio for their work can also apply. Translators will not be rejected, although the primary focus is not translation.

Open Call 2022: Distance and Resistance
Radar Sofia is announcing an open call for artists for 3 fully-funded residencies in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2022 under its year-long programme Distance and Resistance.

Every year Radar Sofia proposes a curatorial line with a main theme and a series of guest artists – invited or selected through an international open call – who give a lecture or workshop sharing their methods and practices, and/or create a performance involving local participants in the work process. One of the aims of these curatorial lines is to develop the local artistic field through critical discourse, free non-formal education and new experimental formats, as well as to create opportunities for Bulgarian artists to form partnerships and collaborate with international professionals. Radar Sofia as an international place for experimental artistic practice has so far created and supported numerous spin-off projects coming up as a result of the residencies. You can look at their website for the full list of previous residents and projects.

Social distancing, border closures, postponement of plans and projects, cancellation of festivals and residencies as well as a general sense of growing isolationism made us choose the theme of Distance and Resistance. If the situation with the pandemic only intensifies and makes visible what we've already been living through for a long time – a migration from the physical to the digital world, increasing work insecurity, social and physical distancing – then how does our artistic practice respond to these processes, how does it resist them, how does it offer alternatives and how does it distance itself from the ready-made solutions? Radar Sofia is the first and only residency in the Bulgarian context, focused on dramaturgy understood in a very broad sense. They ask you and themselves: what can dramaturgy contribute to the world of today, how can it bring people together and how can it help re-imagine our contexts?

They believe the digital cannot be the only alternative during health and climate catastrophes, especially for artistic practices rooted in the live body and the meeting between people, that's why they insist on offering physical residencies, live in Sofia.

The residencies last for a minimum of 1 month, with a possibility for extension.

1. Residency starting in May, deadline Feb 1, response by Feb 15
2. Residency starting in June, deadline March 1, response by March 15
3. Residency starting in September/October, deadline May 31, response by June 15
We invite artists who are interested in the local situation in Sofia, want to show and share their previous work, interact with local communities, research and develop new ideas, as well as form long-lasting partnerships in Bulgaria.

They accept applicants from all performative fields, with a special focus on dramaturgical thinking (understood as wide as possible), which is at the core of the practice at Radar Sofia, spanning across disciplines. They welcome performing arts makers, playwrights, dramaturges, directors, performers, choreographers, as well as visual artists and curators working with live art, performance art, relational aesthetics, interactivity, community engagement and other old and new performative practices.


Production is not a must but if you have an idea our team will support you in getting in touch with local institutions, finding the most suitable working and presentation space. Radar Sofia has a small studio but doesn't have its own stage or bigger rehearsal room. However, it collaborates with a number of local institutions that can provide various options. A potential final presentation can take the form of a lecture, talk, performance, workshop, installation, exhibition, work-in-progress, etc. A return to Sofia at a later stage to finalize an idea with additional funding is also an option.

One of the reasons the organizers are searching for resilient artists is because they want to show the local circles that resistance efforts pay off. That going mainstream and with the flow is sometimes too conformist a path for a creator of value. And that there are other ways. They want to inspire change in the local context and attitudes. Your stay in Sofia and your story told here can help much more than just give yourself a space to work and contemplate.

Radar is composed of artists of various backgrounds who have crossed paths in a plethora of projects in the past years. They know the value of strong collaborations and artistic exchange and will try to promote the establishment of lasting partnerships in the future, not necessarily with some of them, but with artists from the local circles as well. They will encourage, including financially, future joint projects, for which they have had some guarantees from their partners.

Accommodation Information

A room in the heart of the city suitable for writers or media/visual/performing artists who don't need specifically big studio for work.

Technical Information

The residency is partner with places for formal presentations of their artists, plus exhibition spaces for the work of visual artists.

Contact information

Strelbishte, bl.60A
1408 Sofia

info [at]