English, Portuguese, Spanish
1 month
Paid by host:

- Studio space 20m2
- Shared Accommodation;
- Equipped kitchen;
- Internet;
- Common areas;
- Basic working furniture (on request) such as table, chair, wood planks, easel etc;
- Access and usage of tools available in the association;
- A collective exhibition in a local venue;

Paid by artist:

This program requests a fee of €350 per artist for a one-month residency.
Artists will cover their travel costs and meals.


Application guidelines:

Applicants should send an email to [email protected] with the following:

- Specification of the period to each the applicant wants to apply.
- Portfolio (including images, videos, links for music, photos, text, etc…);
- Written text about the work and proposal;
- Curriculum Vitae;
- Written text presenting about the artist and motivations;

Except for the specification of the desired dates for the residence (which can be included in the email) every document should be mailed in one single PDF file, or a different PDF for each one of the 4 requested documents. You can send it either via email, or we transfer.

We do not evaluate artists necessarily on the quality of their portfolio but the application as whole. This means that characteristics like a greater will to work at the farm or a greater need of an opportunity like this may help an application to be chosen.

Applicants may be contacted for a short interview.

There is no application fee.

Payment Methods:
After the notification of acceptance, the residents will receive further information about the Association Quinta das Relvas and the AIR program, and will be asked to pay 50% of the total fee (not refundable) through bank transfer, in order to guarantee their place. The second half of the fee should be payed once at the farm.

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AIR tags:
Environment, Collaboration, Production residency, Research

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Quinta das Relvas

Quinta das Relvas


Quinta das Relvas is a non-profit NGO located in Branca, in the municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha in Portugal, and is dedicated to non-formal education activities in the areas of Arts and Sustainability. Quinta das Relvas headquarters are placed in a farm, that has a unique natural heritage in terms of native fauna and flora, as well as a rich history with the local population (it is an 18th century manor house where several families have lived).

Here, Quinta das Relvas’ team works daily to promote and develop activities capable of training participants and staff in the association's areas of activity (Arts and Sustainability) through the sharing of knowledge in events of various kinds, including conferences, workshops, artistic residencies, and exchanges. The target audience of Quinta das Relvas is, in particular, young adult in training, at the beginning of their careers, giving priority to those who are in some way disadvantaged and / or at risk, in a local, national and international context.

Sending participants to international activities through training and exchange programs, free of charge, is also one of the association’s fields of action. The organization has a multidisciplinary team with elements working in the fields of event management, education, plastic and performing arts, architecture, meditation, permaculture, among others.

This program was created to fulfill a need and a demand from people that contacted us before, willing to work at the farm on their personal projects. With this in mind, we applied our expertise from other projects of ours such as GRÃO - Residência Artística e de Investigação (AIR program for national emerging artists) to create this new AIR with unique characteristics that we believe will empower our artists in residence, both in personal and artistic ways.

The association is open to the initiatives of our artists residents, (such as organizing workshops, talks, events that engage local community etc…) and we will have a member of our team available to help materialize any initiatives that may be proposed.

Residency programs in 2022:
Period A: 8th March - 8th of April
Deadline: 25 January

Period B: 1st - 31st of May
Deadline: 20 March

Period C: 1st - 30th of November
Deadline: 20 September

Who can apply:
- Professional artists or curators from all nationalities, ages, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations. We encourage applications from all art practices (visual arts, performing arts, literature, music). Groups are also welcome to apply.

- Basic knowledge of English or/and Portuguese;
- Respect for the rules of the association, specially the ones concerning other activities and people living and working at the farm, environment, animals and schedules;
- Respect for the working and living spaces, keeping them organized and clean;
- Ability to respect and to have a good and tolerant relationship with the other artists and the association staff;


Donation of an artwork of choice (mostly for visual arts and literature) or a public presentation like a concert or performance (mostly for musicians or performative artists).

Studio Information

The studio is a wood and glass structure, full of natural light, placed in the middle of the forest with a total of 80 m2. Residents can work in other places of the farm such as the workshop, outside etc. It can host painters, sculptures, digital art makers, video makers, performing artists, land art artists, ceramists (we have a wood oven) literature, sound artists etc. Land art artists or sculptors can make interventions and installations (temporary or permanent) in the site.

Accommodation Information

There are more rooms than the ones that will be available to the residents, since there is often other activities happening in the association.

The rooms will be available in shared accommodation, and can be either in an apartment or in glamping tents (maximum of 2 people per tent) completely equipped (with normal bed, lamps, electricity sockets etc) depending on the season to each residents apply (spring, autumn)

Technical Information

Studio space
Shared Accommodation;
Equipped kitchen;
Common areas;
Basic working furniture such as table, chair, wood planks, easel etc;
Wood oven;
Access and usage of tools available in the association;


Artists who apply for this AIR program must will be producing work in a rural environment, which brings with it challenges that require the availability of the resident to adapt to them, such as the coexistence with natural and animal life, and a greater dependence on weather conditions.

The residency is located in a farm, in a small village in the countryside of Portugal.
The farm, with a lot of natural fauna and flora, holds different spaces with different characteristics. Theres is a lot of open space with hundreds of different flora species (trees, flowers, bushes etc), a veggie garden, a green house, an animal shelter for the resident animals (rabbits, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks etc..) a wooden structure full of natural light placed in the middle of the woods, that will serve as a studio (residents are welcome to work in other spaces of the farm, including outside), an equipped workshop with lots of tools residents can use (under request), a pool, shared accommodation (either in dormitory apartment or in a glamping tent - depending on the season), smoking area (is not permitted to smoke in other areas of the farm to prevent polluting and fires), shared kitchen, dry toilets and showers, and normal toilets and showers, etc.

Contact information

Rua da Quinta do Alferes Branca
Calçada das Relvas
3850-503 Branca

lizard [at]