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The winner of the COAL Prize will be awarded 12,000 euros and benefits from a residence in the heart of the Domaine de Belval, property of the François Sommer Foundation, run by the scientific and educational teams of the Museum of Hunting and Nature and those of the Domaine de Belval.

Application guidelines:

The application should include the following documents in a single PDF saved as SURNAME_Name_2023_Project- title, and not exceeding 30 Mb:

  • The completed application form, download it here;
  • A detailed description of the proposed project, describing its artistic dimension, and its relevance to the theme PLANT!, including a note on the technical feasibility of the project and a budget estimation
  • At least two visuals illustrating the project;
  • A CV and a portfolio.

All applications are to be submitted by March 19th, 2023 at 11:59 pm at the latest via the COAL server.

By entering this competition, applicants expressly authorize the COAL organization and its partners to publish, reproduce and display in public all or part of the elements of their entry for any purpose linked to the promotion and communication of COAL and its partners, via all platforms and media, in all countries, for the legal duration of the copyright if they are nominated. Entries submitted but not selected will remain in the archives of the COAL organization. They will, however, remain the property of their authors. Participation in this open call entails the full acceptance of these conditions.


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Project COAL

Project COAL


Created in 2010 by the COAL association, the COAL Prize has in fourteen years become a vehicle for the identification, promotion, and dissemination of artists all over the world who dare to imagine and experiment, to transform territories, lifestyles, organizations, and production methods. Together, they contribute to making changes visible, in building a new collective narrative, a new imaginary world, a common heritage, a positive, optimistic and necessary framework, to help everyone find the means and the motivation to implement necessary changes for a shared and livable Earth.

With Plant! the COAL Prize 2023 invites artists from all over the world to sow the seeds of creation and action, to germinate new research and experimentation so that an inventive and resilient plant-based way of thinking can flourish in the world to come. This Prize is a call to action, to transform, to heal, to revive, to hybridize. A call to feel the richness of plants, their balances, and dynamics, from seed to calyx, from molecule to ecosystem.


Located in the commune of Belval-Bois-des-Dames, in the French Ardennes, the Domaine de Belval is a veritable observatory of rural life and wildlife, which welcomes artists selected each year for their contribution to the renewal of the vision of the relationship between humans and his natural environment.

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