2 months
Paid by host:

The residency offers free accommodation, working space, a shared kitchen, and access to the Kreenholm factory. Residents get help to reach out to communities. NART gives a letter of confirmation for artists who apply for outsourced funds but does not involve financial obligations or support (the resident does not have to pay a fee to NART, and there is no working grant, travel funding, or production budget from NART). Residents have the possibility to propose exhibitions or events for NART gallery spaces.

Paid by artist:

Finances and production need to be provided by the artists.

Application guidelines:

Both single artists and artistic duos are welcome. Applicants will be selected by an invited committee. NART will contact successful applicants in December 2022 who will sign a contract to set the time of stay at the residency. Please send a file in English with the required information here. It should also include a short bio and/or portfolio. The deadline for applications is set for 25 November 2022 at 23:59 (Estonian time).

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Narva Art Residency (NART)

Narva Art Residency (NART)


Narva Art Residency (NART) is a cultural platform founded in 2015. It facilitates residencies, art exhibitions, talks and educational workshops. It is located in Narva city on the Estonian-Russian border on the historical Kreenholm site. The international artist-in-residency programme is open for artists operating across a wide range of disciplines, including Visual Arts, Music, Performance, Architecture, Design, Film, Literature, Curatorial Practices and more. It generates creative exchange between practitioners and strengthens links with the local community.


Some residents are invited to give an online public lecture and a seminar for students of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Moreover, NART will have an open doors day once every residency period. On this day residents will show their work or open their working process to the public.

Accommodation Information

Click here to view the floorplan of the residency.

Technical Information

The available residency periods are the following, yet it is possible to have other arrangements:
● 9 January – 26 February
● 9 January – 19 March
● 27 February – 30 April
● 1 May – 2 July
● 1 June – 31 July
● 3 July – 15 September
● 1 August – 31 September
● 1 November – 23 December


The residency is located in the Estonian-Russian border city of Narva. Due to its location and the current geopolitical situation, the city has become a point of attention and as well a place where Ukrainian refugees enter Europe. NART is in the historic Kreenholm area which came about when a textile manufacturing company was founded in the mid-19th century. It was once the largest of its kind in Europe and Russia. Now it stands vacant but has become a source of inspiration for artists and a space allowing experiments. NART is housed in a historic villa, which was once home to the director of the factory.

The centre is located at the historicist villa, which was originally built for the director of Kreenholm Textile Manufacture. In close proximity stand the vacant factory buildings which once formed the largest enterprise of its kind in Europe (anno 1857). Narva Art Residency is operated by the Estonian Academy of Arts in collaboration with Narva Gate and is supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

Contact information

joala 18
20103 Narva

johanna.rannula [at]