Italian, English
From one to two weeks
Paid by host:
  • Rehearsal studio (schedule to be agreed)
  • Accommodation (open space for a maximum four people, with kitchen)
  • Financial support up to 3000 €
  • Technical counselling
  • Organisation, promotion and communication support
  • Production of video and photographic material, in collaboration with the Course of photo, video and new media of Fondazione Accademia Teatro alla Scala
Paid by artist:

Travels, transfers, board expenses, visa, performers fees are in charge of the companies/artists.

Application guidelines:

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PimOff Spazio Scenico

PimOff Spazio Scenico

Citofonare PimOff

PimOff promotes and supports theatre and dance research. It is a space for dance, theatre and workshops. An artistic factory to develop new projects, to experiment and study. The “PiM Spazio Scenico” cultural association was founded in 2005 by Maria Pietroleonardo. The goal is to build a place where artists can freely create and experiment their own ideas, where alongside the theatre season, workshops and creative residences are organized.

Most of the program consists of contemporary theatre and dance performances by Italian and foreign companies, collaborations with Festival and National Awards for emerging theater, workshops with the artists in season. A part of the year is entirely dedicated to the artistic residences selected through the annual call "Citofonare PimOff". From this year the call is in partnership with the Kelim Chroreography Center of Bat Yam (Tel Aviv).

PimOff supports the contemporary artistic creation and encourages research by hosting residencies for artists. It will provide the conditions needed for the development and long-term sustainability of the selected projects, national and international. A further intent of the call is to facilitate the intercultural exchange among countries.

‘Citofonare PimOff’ supports contemporary dance and performance projects at their creation phase. PimOff will provide a residence of a period between one to two weeks from March to June 2021 to the selected projects. At the end of the residence, the companies/artists will present a preview of the project to the public.


Selected companies/artists have to:

  • propose educational activities, sharing moments with the public, promotional activities (meeting, workshop, open class, etc.)
  • Communicate further sharing and/or participations to awards or festivals, before the beginning of the agreed residence at PimOff. Projects which premiere before the residence at PimOff could be excluded, even after the publication of the “Call” results.
  • Credits of the projects and promotional materials must always indicate “With the support of Citofonare PimOff - Milan”
Studio Information

The working space is a theatre of 99 seats with a tribune and stage on the floor.

Accommodation Information

They provide accommodation for maximum 4 people and use of the kitchen (board excluded) near the theatre.

Contact information

Via Selvanesco 75
20142 Milano MI

info [at]