10 days for both programs
Paid by host:

Multiple meals are covered by PICTURE BERLIN.

Paid by artist:

Program fee, airfare, housing, materials and some food. Both Sessions have a 10 day program fee of €1789. Both Sessions include artist lectures, artist studio visits, one on one meetings with artists and curators based in Berlin, workshops, direct exchanges with practicing artists, a choreographed artist walk (called IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS), a curatorial marathon with at least 5+ different international curators, a PDF of the PICTURE BERLIN handbook of the city with specific information about the program (schedule, biographies of everyone involved in the program) and a 135+ page FIELD GUIDE which lists resources in the city of Berlin and finally a public transportation ticket within the city limits (Zones A and B).

Application guidelines:

Application fee €15. To receive a link to the application please fill in the form on the website. PICTURE BERLIN is open to artists, writers and curators.

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PICTURE BERLIN is a hybrid art academy dedicated to peer-to-peer dialoguing on contemporary art created by artists for artists.

  • REIMAGINING WANDERS (11 - 20 September 2020) is in collaboration with the curator and long time faculty member of PICTURE BERLIN, Pauline Doutreluingne. This session looks at concrete examples of art and activism. The participants will get an in-depth encounter with artists, activists, architects and art spaces, which play a strong role in the international art scene in Berlin, through active working sessions, walks, explorations and presentations. This approach will give the residents a direct connection to prominent artists and curators who have a very experienced practice and combine discourse, spatial intervention, education, collective learning and public meetings. The addressed topics are broad and diverse and range from community-based art, architectural activism, ecology, post-coloniality, borders, protest, queerness and hacking the canon. The program is open to visual artists, writers, theater makers, curators and architects who have an active practice.
  • MASH-UP (24 September - 4 October 2020) is in collaboration with the artist / curator, and long time PICTURE BERLIN faculty member Hannah Goldstein. This session will look at the methodology of collage from a multitude of vantage points. The 10 day program intensively explores the broader concepts around collage as a blueprint for thinking, making and dialoguing about art practice. This newly developed Session, sets out to be a springboard for new thoughts and ideas. MASH-UP, a multi-sensory experience, brings a plethora of voices to the discussion around knowledge gathering. The elements of MASH-UP include conversations with multiple artists and curators, in addition to a musician and chef who use a collage strategy at the heart of their practice. MASH-UP is open to artists and curators.

Public artist talk, meeting and portfolio reviews with curators, networking and professional development.

Studio Information

The 10 day Sessions will focus on idea gathering and exchange rather than giving space for making. Therefore, there will be no studio availability.

Accommodation Information

PICTURE BERLIN will give support to those who are looking for housing but ultimately it is the responsibility of the participating artist.

Technical Information

Artists are required to bring their own equipment; cameras, laptop, video cameras, tripods or any other equipment they could for see using during the residency.

Contact information

Zehdenicker Strasse 22
10119 Berlin

info [at]