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From two weeks (minimum) to two months
Paid by host:

Funding for residencies is available. Residents are encouraged to apply as early as possible so that Phoenix Athens can prepare the documentation for funding requests from European funding bodies, state institutions and local foundations. Teams of artists and academic institutions in particular are encouraged to apply for these.

Paid by artist:

Phoenix Athens is a nonprofit so fees are designed to cover the cost for personnel and operating costs only. Depending on the choice and length of the residency the fees vary, for example the fee for 1 month Full residency (residency and exhibition) is 750 euros, while for the Light Residency (Residency only) is 500 euros. You can find all the details and fees here.

Application guidelines:

Certain calls for themed exhibitions or residency cycles do have application deadlines however individual applications are accepted year-round.

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Phoenix Athens

Phoenix Athens

Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency

Phoenix Athens is a non-profit art gallery and residency in Athens that provides workshops and opportunities for local and international creatives to develop and showcase their practice in Greece. As a venue for art appreciation and education, Phoenix Athens explores the myriad ways in which artists, thinkers and designers contribute to the well-being of societies.

They invite local and international creatives and academics to come and develop their professional practice within the dynamic community of Neapoli-Exarcheia in Athens through the residency program: Villa Exarcheia. The aim of this residency is to encourage artist and designers to fine-tune their skills and to engage with the community in a way that benefits both parties. Residents are encouraged to share and exchange ideas with the public through workshops, talks and exhibition.
Phoenix Athens welcomes partnerships and collaborative projects with scholars wishing to complement course requirements or research as well as schools and universities wishing who to provide their students with an immersive creative experience in Athens.
Phoenix Athens features two 90 m2 galleries respectively located on 87 and 89 Asklipiou in Neapoli. These centrally located spaces feature beautiful natural light, well attended openings and an exciting chance for artists to both showcase and sell their work. A new 90 m2 Makerspace workshop featuring facilities for wood, ceramic and metal production is located just downstairs from one of the galleries is also available for artists in residence to use.


Phoenix Athens asks artists in residence to provide a talk or a workshop about their practice as part of their residency. In this way, artists are able to engage publicly and broaden the scope of their practice by engaging themselves more fully into the social context. These events are organised with the full support of the staff at Phoenix Athens and are also designed to bolster networking opportunities for artists in Athens.

Studio Information

Phoenix Athens is designed to accommodate professionals working in mixed media sculpture, painting and drawing. There is also at least two clean, quiet spaces for creatives working primarily with digital media or 2-D work.

Accommodation Information

Phoenix Athens has one in-house residency studio space as well as six more spaces which are provided through local housing exchange partners.

Technical Information

There is a basic wood shop as well as tools for metal and ceramic sculpture. There are also facilities for painting and drawing. Phoenix Athens also offers services for 3d printing or laser cutting projects.

Contact information

Aslipiou 87
11472 Athens

director [at]