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Long stay program: 3 months; short stay program: 3 weeks
Paid by host:
  • Round trip transportation from the artist’s home to Matsudo
  • Accommodation at the PARADISE AIR residency 
  • Up to JPY200,000 for production costs, to be decided via project proposal
  • Daily stipend of JPY3,000/day * 90days = JPY270,000
  • Costs associated with local talks, performances, exhibitions etc.
  • Costs of transporting works of art created during the program
  • Local support for activities and the production of works
  • Costs associated with advertisement and promotions

The Long Stay Program covers all the costs currently listed, while the Short Stay Program only includes accommodation and support in creating artistic output and putting on an exhibition / performance / artist talk, etc.

Paid by artist:

Health insurance and food.
For the Short Stay Program only, the artist needs to cover ALL costs except for accommodation and costs associated with putting on an exhibition/performance/artist talk.

Application guidelines:

Please follow the guidelines on their website.

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artist-in-residence program

The residence name comes from ‘Rakuen’, which means paradise in Japanese. Once, the city of Matsudo prospered as a post town, and many travelers took a rest when traveling between Edo and Mito. Some local residents still keep works of writers and painters of the time, because the artists left their works as a substitute for lodging charge. Inspired by the history of Matsudo, ‘Paradise Air’ holds up ‘One Night one art’ policy – perform/play/hold an event for the people in Matsudo and stay in the residence for free- and acts as a creative base for international artists. They offer two kinds of programs:  

  • In the Long Stay Program, they provide lodging for a foreign artist for a period of up to 60 consecutive days. During artists'stay, the host not only support the artist financially, but also help to provide him or her access to the local community, particularly in terms of overcoming language barriers. 
  • In the Short Stay Program, they offer a free, short-term residence for artists in return for an artistic donation in the form of a public event, performance, installation, etc. They aspire to make the residence a new artistic point of transit so that it may continue to attract artists to Matsudo – and Japan – from around the world. Furthermore, as the host support young artists on their paths to success, they also hope to encourage the residents of Matsudo to revive and nurture their own local, creative atmosphere.

The Long Stay Program 2021: This residency program is held combining an e-Residence (online) and a residence (in Matsudo). Selected artists may conduct online research and research/production in Matsudo as a series of their projects. Resident rooms will be kept for those even if they are unable to arrive in Japan during the residence term due to COVID-19 status.


For Long Stay Program:

  • connecting with local leaders and conduct regular fieldwork and/or interviews.
  • artists may plan to work collaboratively with an artist in the Matsudo region.
Studio Information

PARADISE AIR residence consists of two rooms, and other 6 rooms within the building will be Soho studios. The studios can be used as creator’s office, studio or residence, and they benefit from having diverse artists visiting for the AIR on the same floor. The house-rent of Soho studios will be the main funds for running the a.i.r. programs, and the center plans on realizing a purely private-run art/cultural institution in the first three years.


The residence is a two-minute walk from Matsudo Station, and Matsudo is located in between central Tokyo and Narita, where foreign visitors and low cost airlines land.

Contact information

15-4, Honcho
Matsudo-city, 12

touch [at]