Ukrainian, Russian, English
from 1 to 12 months
Paid by host:

The residents can use the studio, library and archive for free, as well as use the tools and equipment of Open Place. One of the Open Place staff will assist the resident by providing logistic support, organizing meetings, and if necessary helping in producing the work.

Paid by artist:

Artist fee is 400 Euros (12,800 UAH) per month, it includes accommodation and utilities. The residents cover their travel costs and meals during the stay. Additional materials and equipment rental are also covered by residents if Open Place doesn't have them in its disposal.

Application guidelines:

It is asked fill in an application form and provide a CV, or a biography and examples of recent work. There is no application fee.

Open calls are irregular and are announced on the Open Place website.
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Open Place

Open Place


Open Place is founded by artists and curators in 1999. The focus is on a collective experience with foreign colleagues concerning art in public spaces and how they use the participatory practices and strategies of engagement of different social groups. Thus, the goal of the residence is the exchange of knowledge and practical experience, and the introduction to the specifics of the different local contexts and the development of new methods in the field of socially engaged art.

Open Place supports interdisciplinary projects aimed at expansion of the notions of art-making and engagement of the new groups of people to creative process.


The organization has the flexibility to operate depending on the ideas and practices of residents. The end result might not always have a physical dimension, thus, it is not expected to have specific outcomes from the residents during their stay in Ukraine. Residents can use the time to conduct research, build connections, and to better understand the context. Applicants can also propose a topic for a lecture, presentation, discussion, workshop or the idea of a project that engages the communities.

Studio Information

А studio offers a total area of 50 square meters includes three working spaces, kitchen and bathroom. It is suitable for curators, researchers, visual and performing artists, photographers, video and multimedia artists.

Accommodation Information

One studio with the total area of 35 square meters consisting of sleeping area, kitchen and bathroom. 2 residents can be hosted at once. It is also suitable for duo applications. It is not preferred to host partners and family due to the living conditions, or additional accomodation to be arranged.

Technical Information

Tools for wood (carving tools, wood chisels, power jigsaw, sander polisher, electric drill) and metal (hacksaw, metal brush, metal files); audio-visual equipment for the production of photos, videos, and audio materials (two film photo cameras (Nikon F2A and Canon EOS Elan7), one digital photo camera (Nikon D90), two video cameras (MiniDV Panasonic DVX100B, Sony FDR-AX53), microphone, recorder, tripod, projector and two LSD monitors).

Library where among others there are the single and rare editions and publications of partner institutions on art, philosophy, actual art practises and methodologies. The Open Place residency program is not only a space for creation, but also an archive which contains a diverse collection of contemporary visual art resources. Open Place collects and manages art-related materials as well as facilitates the exchange of resources through networks between local and international partners. The Archive that Open Place has developed since 2004 is partly dedicated to archiving the main organizational processes of the residency, such as performances, seminars, workshops, lectures, discussions and educational programs, as well as contains a portfolio of artists selected by our curators and by partners' organizations.


At the moment, there are two studios available in Solomianskyi District, Kyiv. Both of the premises are located in quiet areas in residential buildings.

Contact information

Osvity street 16A, apt.4
Umanska street 31, building 2

info [at]