English and Bulgarian
3 weeks – from July to September 2020
Paid by host:

In return of the residency fee, the program provides:

  • Accommodation – single rooms in local guesthouses.

  • Access to art studios in the building of the school, which are comfortable for painting, performances, dance performances and other arts.

  • Guided visit to the main sights of the village – community center, church, chapel, agricultural museum, etc. These locations can be used for artistic projects, as well.

  • Welcome and closing dinner

  • Group walks in the nature a few times a week, off road cycling routes and running trails.

  • Organized trip to the town of Veliko Tarnovo – the former capital of Bulgaria. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bulgaria; artists can get materials for their work from there.

  • Visits to the weekly open-air market in Pavlikeni where you can buy a wide-range of fresh fruits, vegetables, clothes and antiques.

  • Learning the basics of Bulgarian language with our team.

  • Written materials created by our team which are connected with Bulgarian rituals and practice and the theme of the residency.

  • Showing of ritual art, the creation and development of which our residency is based upon.

  • Open studio or group exhibition at the end of the stay;

  • Presentation of the works of the participating artists on our website.

  • Use of the Hall in the Community Center for artistic performances. The hall is unusually large for the scale of the village and has an equipped stage together with almost 300 seats.

  • Horo dance lessons (horo is the Bulgarian national folk dance).

  • Use of bicycles for transportation in the village.

  • Basic tools for work – scissors, brushes, acrylic and oil paints, paper for drawing, etc.

  • Contact with the local community;

  • Letters of invitation and other support to help you raise additional funds;

  • Translation;

  • Cleaning service;

  • Laser printer, PC and multimedia projectors;

  • Possibility to use free internet at certain locations in the village including the accommodation place.

  • Pick up from the town of Pavlikeni to the place of accommodation in the village of Gorna Lipnitsa. From Sofia to Pavlikeni you can travel by train. The ticket costs no more than 10EUR.

  • Detailed instructions in advance for your trip from Sofia to Gorna Lipnitsa together with the list of places which you can visit, both in the Bulgarian capital as well as other major towns, in case you decided to stay a few days more in Bulgaria.

Paid by artist:

440 EUR including all mentioned residency activities and services, solo/group exhibition, accommodation. Once your application has been approved, you have to pay 50% of the fee for your stay through PayPal – 220 EUR. The rest of the fee can be paid up to one and a half months before your arrival. Only PayPal and direct bank transfers are accepted.

Application guidelines:
  • CV
  • Information about the selected discipline
  • Information about the selected period (if one would like to stay longer, that should be stated in the e-mail)
  • The artists should present their works by sending info about website, portfolio or images
  • Short description of the initial idea for participating in the residency connected with the theme

Note that it is desirable for the participants to stay for the entire period of the residency.

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The Old School

The Old School


The team of the Old School art residency is pleased to invite you to participate in the 8-th edition of residency – Ritual rEvolution, 2018. Within ten days the building of the ex-school will shelter artists from different nations who will create art together with the idea of working in a new environment.

The topic: The work of the artists during the residency will be organized on the basis of previously prepared written materials in which the REVOLUTION will be presented as an artistic mechanism aimed at a fundamental change of the existing governance.

Art is a Weapon. Artists are Revolutionists. Revolution is a Ritual.


Parallel program, connected with the theme of the residence; A closing exhibition in the end of the residence; media coverage of the event; presentation of the participants and their works through online exhibition; contact with the local community.

Studio Information
  • Indoor rooms – workshops in the school, according to the profile and style of work of the guest artists.
  • Outdoor places – the yard of the school– century-old trees, tents, tables and chairs.
  • Theater/musical performances – the hall in community center “Zora”.
Accommodation Information

The artists will be accommodated in guesthouses in the village. Each artist will have his own room, a common space to hang out with the other artists, a shared bathroom and kitchen. The guest houses have their own separate yard which can also be used for work and leisure. Nearby the houses are located beautiful fields and walking trails, spaces to practice sports and suitable spots to observe the evening starry sky.

The residency organizes welcome and closing dinners. The original products of the village such as fruits and vegetables from the garden, homemade jam, fresh eggs hatched by free-range chickens, dried herbs to make tea with, traditional Bulgarian alcoholic drinks as well as homemade honey are available.

Twice per week the artists will have the chance to eat at the art restaurant of the residency where they can try traditional three-course local food and drinks at a affordable price. For the rest of the week you can cook for yourselves or eat at the center of the village. Products can be purchased from two shops in the village as well as from the nearest town, 10 km away from Gorna Lipnitsa.

Each artist has a bicycle at their disposal as a mean to travel around the village.

Technical Information

Free internet.


Gorna Lipnitsa is a picturesque village, located in the central part of Bulgaria – northeast along the road from Pavlikeni town to Polski Trumbesh town, in the western part of the small valley of Elia river. The village covers an area of 1500 decares with a population of 500 inhabitants. In the past the Thracian tribe Crobyzi – a large Getic sub-tribe, lived on the lands of northern Bulgaria, including the territory of Gorna Lipnitsa. According to fragmentary information by Turkish sources for Bulgarian history, the village dates back to the middle of the XV century.

Gorna Lipnitsa has a typical architecture and the houses, agricultural buildings and walls are made mainly by stone. The stones have been gathered in the past from the nearby quarries. There is a legend that Gorna Lipnitsa was geographically named after its one-time linden woodland, which used to extend south from it. Nowadays, there is no track of that linden woodland, except for the outlying parts.

Contact information

Gorna Lipnitsa village
Pavlikeni municipality
5227 Gorna Lipnitsa

oldschoolresidence [at]