Norwegian, English
3 months stay during 2022; curators can apply for 1 month
Paid by host:

The residency at the Nordic Artists’ Centre includes a monthly grant of NOK 10.000,-. Travel costs will be covered after appointment, but within a limit of NOK 5.000,-. Living and working spaces are for free.

Paid by artist:

Supplies and food.

Application guidelines:

Only applications using the application form (to be downloaded from their website) will be considered. Please note that all fields must be filled. You may apply with a single application, as a group or with linked applications.

Covid-19 Update: Due to Covid 19, foreign artists supposed to stay in 2021 may be transferred to 2022. If so, very few, if any, new foreign artists will be selected for 2022. The applications received from foreigners will, if this is the case, be evaluated for a stay in 2023 without needing to reapply next year. The organisers regret these circumstances, but hope for understanding in a still uncertain and difficult time.
Foreign artists who applied for a stay in 2021 will be considered for a stay in 2022, no new application required.

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Nordic Artists' Centre Dale

Nordic Artists' Centre Dale

Nordisk Kunstnarster Dale - NDK

Nordisk kunstnarsenter Dalsåsen (NKD) is an Artist-in-Residence center funded by Norwegian Ministry Of Culture. Nordic Artists' Centre Dalsåsen is situated in the village of Dale, the administrative center of the Fjaler municipality on the West Coast of Norway. NKD is a foundation inspired by the vision of Oddleif Fagerheim and his wife Thora Nitter Fagerheim, who donated their house and land to the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1976. Nordisk kunstnarsenter Dalsåsen was officially opened in May 1998.

What the residency offers, besides excellent accommodation and working conditions, is basically time for art production and reflection. Too much time of an artists everyday life is absorbed by administration, transportation, writing applications etc. leaving not much time for the art production itself. This residency wants to be an counterforce to this.

Professional visual artists, designers and architects are eligible to apply for a residency of two, three or four months duration in 2021. Curators are eligible to apply for a one month residence. Applicants from outside the Nordic region are expected to have a fairly good command of the English language. Note: The program is not available for students.


In addition to concentrate on your own work, you are expected to take part in peer presentations and an open studio day. They do not run an exhibition program.

Studio Information

Five 50 m² studios with a 6 meter high ceiling and north-lit panorama windows. An additional common studio and carpenters workshop furnished with a good selection of equipment and heavy machines are also at disposal. The artists’ lodgings are fully equipped, and provided with wireless internet access.

Accommodation Information

The centre has five private residency houses, one for each artist.


NKD is located just north of Sognefjorden, on the westcoast of Norway. It lies in a rather remote area, literally in the middle of nature. Dale is a typical small fjord community with a few shops and a few cafes. The nearest town, Førde is one hour away by bus. Bergen, the nearest city is three hours away by bus and boat.

Contact information

N-6963 Dale i Sunnfjord

residency [at]