English, Turkish
2014, residency since 2016
From 2 weeks to 3 months
Paid by host:

Nilüfer Municipality is liable to cover the resident's transportation expenses, once for arrival and once for return, after submission of the documents to the Directorate. Nilüfer Municipality is liable to cover kitchen expenses of the guest (tea, coffee, soda, dry legumes, oil, etc…).

The guest is paid at least 1 or at most 3 royalty charge determined accordingly to the accommodation period (On condition that Nilufer Municipality holds the copyright). Payment rate is based on yearly standard of the Directorate.

Application guidelines:

No application fee is needed. Applications can be made online. Here are eligibility criteria per disciplines.

  • Writers and poets: Two of his/her books must be published by a publisher which has at least 100 books in their catalogue.
  • Translators: Copy of translation contract signed between the publisher and the translator, and one of her/his translations must be published.
  • Academicians and researchers: S/he should be working on his/her thesis or research about the city of Bursa, A document showing the relation with the University. If it is a thesis, a letter from thesis advisor, a document showing thesis's process, and a written text from the applicant which explains the details of the research or thesis subject.

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Nilufer Municipality Libraries

Nilufer Municipality Libraries

Göl Yazıevi Writers' Residence

Göl Yazıevi has been actualized to offer writers, poets, translators, academicians and researchers the opportunity to finalize their works and projects in a tranquil, home-like environment. Göl Yazıevi is a unit of Nilufer Municipality. It is designed specifically for contributing to the literary arts and the creational atmosphere of the City of Bursa.


The resident would participate in some events (i.e. reading, discussion, interview, workshop) planned by the Directorate.

Studio Information

The residence includes nearly 100 square meter of usage area: two separate rooms with a single bed, writing desk, wardrobe, TV and A/C, a shared bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, iron and hair-dryer. Facilities such as internet access and hot water are free to use.

Accommodation Information

Göl Yazıevi is a petit two-story residence that is neighbours with the local people and is located near St. Panteleimon Church, which has been restorated and converted into a cultural house recently.

Technical Information

2 bicycles.


The residence is in Gölyazı, a small island which lies upon Lake Uluabat (Lake Apolyont) with red – roofed houses on it. An old bridge of stone, which says “Each going is a return” on its abutments, connects the two sides of the village. During the 4th century B.C., Gölyazı was the home of an ancient Greek city called Apollonia. When the Ottomans were in reign, both Turkish and Greek people lived in the small fishing village of Gölyazı. Today, mostly Turkish people who once lived in Salonika, Greece came to live in Gölyazı as exchange. Gölyazı is a first degree protected area.

Contact information

Gölyazı Bayır Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad.
2 No’lu Çıkmaz Sok. No:6 Nilüfer
16149 Bursa/

niluferkutuphaneleri [at]