2-5 months
Paid by artist:

Accommodation costs are 544 Eur/month, including all taxes, use of equipment, WiFi, communal spaces, and bicycles. If necessary, selected candidates are issued a letter of support for individual grant-seeking.

Application guidelines:

Application requirements

(1) Completed application form;

(2) Portfolio, sample of work, or publications (selection of 3–5 relevant projects);

(3) Current CV (max. 2A4 pages);

(4) Submit all documents in a single file PDF (max. size 5MB), in the order listed above using the following title: ‘Full Name_ R2024’.

Submit all documents to

[email protected]


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Nida Art Colony

Nida Art Colony


The individual residency programme at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (NAC) grants selected participants the opportunity to live and work in Nida, Lithuania for a period of between two and five months.

The goal of the artist residency programme at NAC is to provide participants with time, space and focus, and the opportunity to gain insight into other practices and diversify their own outlook through exchange with others. NAC regularly works with artists and researchers working within the fields of history, ecology and politics, social sciences, visual culture and interdisciplinarity. The programme is also open to designers, architects, researchers, theoreticians and curators, as well as practitioners working with performing arts, sound, material research/craft, and film. This list is not exhaustive and proposals for a residency by professionals from other fields are always welcome. While the residency does not offer or facilitate exhibitions or studio visits on a regular basis, participants are welcome to propose and develop activities that are beneficial for sharing and presenting their work to the public, while acknowledging the specific context of NAC.

The programme has the capacity to host up to five participants at a time. The NAC residency programme is not open to BA or MA students. The residency does not offer or facilitate exhibitions or studio visits on a regular basis, but participants are welcome to propose formats and activities beneficial for their work acknowledging the specific context of NAC.

NAC is a subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts and in addition to the international residency programme NAC organises and commissions art and research projects, events and exhibitions, and hosts students’ seminars. NAC is a hybrid organisation: a site for art education, production, gatherings, leisure and focused individual and group work open to everyone but specifically aimed at the cultural community.


Throughout the two weeks, participants will share their existing work as well as work-in-progress research with the aim to contribute to a laboratory of practices and ideas through fieldwork, screenings, lectures, and discussions. During the residency, a shared vocabulary and bibliography will be developed that supports the production of situated knowledge within these contexts.

Participant’s contribution throughout the residency: artist talk or lecture, working on an individual project, or a collective work-in-progress presentation.

Participant’s contribution upon completion (by May 2023): a text or a visual essay to be published on the NAC website.

Studio Information

Full access is given to the common spaces such as the library and the professional workshop (with laser cutting, wood, and metal working tools, plus photo, video and sound equipment).

Accommodation Information

Each of the five duplex residency studios have 65m2 of total space and is equipped with a basic kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and workspace infrastructure.


NAC is located in a remote UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by the unique landscape of the Curonian spit: forest, sand dunes, a freshwater lagoon, and the sea.

Contact information

E. A. Jonušo str. 3
93127 Nida (Neringa)

info [at]