English, Ukrainian, Russian
From 1 week to 2 months
Paid by host:

Accommodation and support in establishing local contacts

Paid by artist:

There is no fee. The residents cover their travel costs, food allowance, materials and other potential expenses.

Application guidelines:

Short bio, letter of intent, portfolio, and CV to be sent as an e-mail.

Artists can apply at any time (ongoing)

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NGO Pridneprovskiy Barvinok

NGO Pridneprovskiy Barvinok

Barvinok Art Residence

The NGO Pridneprovskiy Barvinok was created in 2018 by local artists and activists. It is aimed at creating a cultural environment in remote city districts and preserving cultural heritage both tangible and intangible, drawing attention to historical narratives. The Barvinok Art Residence is a workspace for local and international artists/curators/musicians that also serves as an exhibition/presentation venue. Our mission is promoting a better understanding of contemporary art among all age groups through music events, workshops, lectures, festivals, and a children’s arts program.

Barvinok (periwinkle), a poisonous plant, was chosen as the residency’s symbol due to the starlike shape of its flower and the magical properties attributed to the plant for centuries in connection with its high resilience. These qualities resonate metaphorically with the peculiarities of the institution’s location. Moreover, the name is a reference to the monthly Ukrainian literary and arts magazine for younger children and preteens, published from 1928 to 2019, thus underscoring the residency’s interest in developing young contemporary art, implementing an educational program and long-term plans of the non-profitable organization Pridneprovskiy Barvinok.


There are no specific expectations toward the residents, but it is preferable to involve local inhabitants through participatory practices, an artist talk, performance, happening, site-specific work, etc.

Studio Information

There is no separate studio. The apartment can be used for work and as an exhibition space to present socially minded art, participatory practices, performance, happening, site-specific art.

Accommodation Information

Studio-apartment with a big balcony, desk, mattress, internet access. WC, bathroom, fridge, air conditioning are included. One artist per term is accepted as a resident, thus it is not possible to host groups except rare occasions. Partners and family of artists cannot be hosted.

Technical Information

If the studio apartment doesn’t meet the resident’s needs for presenting their work, support will be provided to organise events in collaboration with local museums, houses of culture, galleries, and art centers in Dnipro.


The city of Dnipro has a multitude of remote areas that have never been visited by anyone but locals and chance travelers. Prydniprovsk is one of those districts, built as a power engineers’ town to service the nearby Prydniprovsk Power Plant. Thus the establishment of Pridneprovskiy Barvinok in this neighborhood was driven by a lack of cultural life, standoffishness of the district itself and by its authentic Soviet environment which the local residents tend to reject, discarding the cultural value of the whole industrial region. That is why Barvinok is primarily focused on site-specific activities in the public space. Projects within the residency program, however, will be implemented based on the residents’ needs, so collaborations with the “Energetik” Palace of Culture as well as with other exhibition spaces in the town are an option.

Contact information

Slavy Blvd 19
Prohresyvna 6

barvinokartresidence [at]