English, Burmese
1 month
Paid by host:

The host can provide the artist with living space, studio and exhibition space. They also provide the official invitation letter for the foundation, art organizations and Government to which artist apply for the grant.

Paid by artist:

Round trip air tickets (travel expenses), daily expenses and production fees.

Application guidelines:

Accepted disciplines: visual art (abstract, contemporary and installation), video art, performance art, documentary film, short film, research and curatorial. To apply for residency, you would only need to simply include followings in your proposal.

  • Your CV and bio data
  • Duration of Workshop, Project, Exhibition, etc
  • How many participants would you need?
  • On which subject would you like to focus on (eg - painting, documentation, installation, performance, editing, etc)?
  • Concept of your project
  • And what would be the outcome or impact after the project?

*And please note that our residency room would be enough only for two
person as we have one room with two beds.

You can inquire for more details and send your proposal to the following email contacts [email protected], [email protected]


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New Zero Art Space

New Zero Art Space


New Zero Art Space is the nonprofit visual art organization established in Yangon, Myanmar in 2008. The art Space promotes contemporary art and artists with an intention of promoting new young art spirits of the next generation. They are unique in Myanmar. The meaning of new Zero symbolizes new as the welcoming of new artists and zero represents the value of infinity.(Zero is the nature of the non-valued, yet increases into highly valued when combined with the other numbers). They aim to augment the abilities of each artist to increase their value and individual experience but they also foster cooperation amongst each other as artists to support the collective.

New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar invites visual (and performance) artists from Asia, Europe and North America to the first Artist-in-Residency Program in Myanmar. The program is an opportunity to support artists from around the world who have a keen interest in Myanmar art and culture. The philosophy of the program also encourages an ongoing exchange with the art and culture from the artist’s host country. Due to the limit budget, the new zero board of directors and advisor will select some young artists and established artists from Asia, America and Europe.

Studio Information

Exhibition space, studio and living space are provided.

Technical Information

A library full of art books, the other various kinds of books, DVDs, and Local documentaries for free.

Contact information

No.202, 2nd Floor, United Condo, Ah Lan Pya Pagoda Road
Dagon Township
Yangon, 1181
Myanmar (Burma)

newzero.ygn [at]
ayekoart [at]