English, Icelandic
1 or more months
Paid by host:

Depending on grant outcomes the organizers are sometimes able to offer a small stipend for artists talks or workshops in schools. This is negotiated only once the artist is in residence and depends on the needs of the local schools involved

Paid by artist:

Residency fees include a room in a shared artist house + one studio space:

  • 750 EUR for a single room for one person, one bed, one studio space in open plan communal studio
  • 1025 EUR for a double room for two persons, two beds, one studio space in open plan communal studio
  • 1050 EUR for a single room for one person and private dance studio
  • 1,350 EUR for a double room for two persons, two beds and private dance studio
  • 1,300 EUR for a double room for two persons, two beds, two studio spaces in open plan communal studio
Application guidelines:

Nes currently welcomes applications from artists working in various media, as well as from dancers, composers and writers. Applications are now being accepted for 2018.

Please do not hesitate to contact Nes if you have any questions regarding the application process. Information about how to apply can be found here.

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Nes Artist Residency

Nes Artist Residency


Nes is a process-oriented residency that strives to cultivate an environment where artists can craft their experience as they wish; whether that may be through conceptual development, research, or intervention and experimentation, artists have the utmost freedom while in residence at Nes. The residency’s structure is therefore left open in order to cater to individuality and spontaneity. They work to provide a safe space where all art forms, intellectual and creative pursuits, methods of artistic investigation, and aesthetic inquiry are accepted, nurtured, and celebrated.

As a remote residency located in a challenging environment, Nes encourages artists to draw inspiration from the place and take advantage of the solitude (and presence), the surrounding environment provides. Nes allows all artists to enter into an immersive space so that the artistic process can develop and thrive. They also encourage and welcome community engagement; Nes has an intimate relationship to the community of Skagaströnd, and places emphasis on collaboration of all kinds. They encourage artists of all métiers, both emerging and professional, to apply at Nes.


As part of your residency, you are expected to present your work at an artist talk event following your arrival and to show your work at the Open Studios held monthly as a means of continuing a conversation about your work and initiating new dialogues for contemporary art. Artists are expected to be self directed and fairly autonomous whilst in residence, however the onsite director is available to answer all queries, offer advice and facilitate introductions to assist you in achieving your goals.

Studio Information

NES operates an open plan shared studio, located in the old fish factory. The main area is approximately 16x11metres and is divided into 10-12 spaces. Whilst the open plan studio at Fjörubraut 8 is the main studio area and all artists have 24/7access to this, the organizers can provide some specialist spaces for writers, dancers and sound artists/musician.

Accommodation Information

Shared accommodation in one of the 3 houses that are in the town of Skagaströnd. Each artist is provided with a private bedroom and shares the remainder of the house with up to 3 other artists in the Mánabraut houses and up to 8 artists in the Fellsbraut house. The houses are fully furnished with all linen and general household facilities supplied. No house is more than a 10 minute walk to the studio.

Technical Information

Exhibitions are not required however there is the "Freezer Space" attached to the studios for exhibtions, screenings, or events. The building was once a fishing factory and has been used now for artists since 2008.


Skagaströnd is roughly a three-hour drive from Reykjavík. Skagaströnd has traditionally been a trading and fishing town and therefore not surprising that the residency’s studios are located in a former fishing plant.

Contact information

Fjörubraut 8
545 Skagaströnd

nes [at]