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1-3 months (Three month increments during the 2015 year)
Paid by host:

1. Access to free studio space and supplies at 4017 Lancaster Avenue
2. $2500/month stipend to offset living and housing costs (for a maximum of three months).
3. Committed funding for service projects and hybrid service/artistic projects, which will be allocated and negotiated on a project-by-project basis.

Paid by artist:

1. Housing will not be provided, though assistance finding affordable housing for visiting artists will be offered according to need.
2. Travel costs to/from West Philadelphia

Application guidelines:

Have a look here (pdf) for the 2014 guidelines.

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Neighborhood Time Exchange

Neighborhood Time Exchange

West Philadelphia

Time Exchange -- an initiative that will explore how embedded artistic practice can be a platform for social change -- conceived by the founders of Broken City Lab, who will be curating the residency in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and the People's Emergency Center. Time Exchange offers an unparalleled opportunity for artists to explore the complex and necessary, if uncharted, role that responsible and accountable creative practice can play in a challenged and changing neighborhood. At the core of Time Exchange are a series of artist residencies spanning one to three months housed in a newly-renovated studio space at the intersection of a diverse array of communities in West Philadelphia.

Time Exchange invites artists to engage their personal, autonomous artistic practice within the space of a studio, while also providing a platform for contributing to projects that directly and positively impact the surrounding community. In exchange for free studio space, a monthly stipend, and the basic tools and supplies, artists will provide skill and time-based resources for the surrounding communities, working on civic projects suggested by residents and community-based organizations.

Technical Information

Studio storefront space: 1,600 square feet. ADA accessible. Is a publicly accessible meeting space and clean studio space. Standard media tools: computer, printer, projector, and movable walls are provided.

Basement space: 1,700 square feet. Includes standard power tools. Additional supplies can be provided.

Contact information

4017 Lancaster Avenue
West Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States

info [at]