Español, English, bit of Portugueese
Generally 2 weeks, extension possible
Paid by host:

In the residency, the artists would benefit from a free breakfast, from Monday to Saturday. The cost of each night is ensured by NAVE.

Paid by artist:

The artists can finance their travel cost. They are also in charge of paying their lunch and diner. They would have to pay for working materials or accessories relevant for their residency.

Application guidelines:

Various open calls, please check their website.

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Nave, Centro de Creación y Residencia

Nave, Centro de Creación y Residencia


NAVE is a creation and residency center whose mission is to support, collaborate and nurture processes of creation and investigation of the Live Arts –dance, performance, music, theater and all of its imaginable crosses- opening dialogue with other disciplines. They define themselves as an experimentation center that, from the movement and with the body as its axis, wants to reflect on the new ways of making art. Their priority is to facilitate the creative work and the artistic investigation providing for it a place, through the residency programs, in order for these practices to unfold and transform.

NAVE is open to receive international performing arts proposals for creation, research and exhibition, on a continuous base, from individual artists, companies or collectives. They consider art as a catalyst for knowledge and critical thinking. That is why they are interested in establishing alliances and learning about projects which are open to experimentation with hybrid forms, beyond disciplinary boundaries, with innovative practices and modes of production.

NAVE seeks to support a wide range of artists who are currently researching alternative ways of working and exploring new methods of articulating dialogue between art and society. Every year, they host more than 100 artists from various parts of the world. Thanks to its flexible theatre hall, NAVE has become a prized stage to perform, at both a national and an international level. Dance, music and performance cycles which they produce or co-produce constitute the programming. They also give the artists visibility in order to increase networks within the foreign artistic circle.

This residency promotes the process - the act of creating - as being more important than the result - producing art. Thus, they do not expect any outcome in particular. The artists can present a show or an opening if they want to, but they are not obliged to do it: they are in the residence to develop their creative processes without necessarily produce an artwork at the end of the residency. The organizers have established an open policy in order to develop encounters within the district of Yungay. They invite the inhabitants to take part in the artistic processes, throughout performances, laboratories and the activities we organize as bingos, cabarets and participative dances.


Proposals must consider an exchange with the artistic and local community, which may be carried out through workshops, laboratories, warm-ups, open creation processes as well as other forms of participation.

Studio Information

NAVE offers 5 studios spaces:

  • The Black Room (our theatre). 245 m2. Height 8,40m. It includes retractables stands (capacity 170 people)
  • The White Room, 123 m2. Height 7,30m, with dance floor.
  • Studio 1 with wooden floor. 66m2. Height 4m.
  • Studio 2 with wooden floor. 49m2. Height 4m.
  • The rooftop, which includes a circus marquee.
Accommodation Information

10 beds dispatched between 4 rooms.

Technical Information

All of the rooms are equipped with audio and sound material. Moreover, a technical team is there to supervise and better the creative processes. The production team is in charge to indicate to the artists where they can find stage material (outfit, accessories) in Santiago.
NAVE opens the possibility to dialogue and to work with international artists and agents. The staff from NAVE gives full support in terms of creativity and technique, as well in communications.


They are located in the patrimonial district of Yungay. Yungay´s key feature is the social mixture- several cultures and socio-economical classes co-exist together within the reach of the district, contrary to the vast majority of Santiago. It has asserted itself as one of the better-organized district in terms of citizen participation, facing an abandon from the State and a lack of preserving heritage policy. Founded in 1839, it gathers a neighbor's committee (junta de vecinos), corporations and foundations. Their struggle have led them to gain the title of Typical Zone, which preserves material and immaterial heritage. The recent cultural diasporas arrival, constituted by Peruvians, Haitians, Colombians, have increased the wealth of the territory due to its mixity.
By constantly including Yungay community to the residency activities, the organizers have generated dynamics that have enabled encounters and dialogue with the community, strengthening the social link and the citizenship processes, throughout art.

Contact information

Libertad 410
8350422 Santiago

info [at]